I think (hope) we all know that stealing creative content on the internet is wrong. I know that money is tight and times are hard, but if people refuse to pay for their entertainment, the people who create that entertainment aren’t going to be able to afford to continue.

So, it’s important that if and when you download or stream content, you do it from a legal website.

Here are 10 spots that can make that happen, so three cheers for your budget!

10. TopDocumentaryFilms

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This site offers documentaries in tons of categories, like war, crime, global conflict, health, and the environment. It’s easy to navigate and the community can provide ratings, which can also help you choose.

Their Top 100 list is a good place to start, and if you love documentaries, this should keep you busy for awhile.

9. Kanopy and Hoopla

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Both of these sites have a large collection of high-quality collection. Kanopy has access to The Criterion Collection, and if you have a library account, you can log in and watch anything you want.

Sure, it’s one more hoop to jump through, but if you’ve got a free library account, it will open some doors.

8. Classic Cinema/Television Online

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If you’re someone who loves old television or black and white films – even the silent kind – this is the site for you.

You can sort by category using the menu, and they’ve got pretty much any series of classic television you’re craving.

7. PBS

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Many of PBS’s titles are restricted to paying members, but some of it’s online selection – including a series of film school shorts – is available for free.

Sometimes you can see certain episodes without a subscription, which isn’t ideal, but will get you something to watch if you’re in a pinch.

6. PopcornFlix

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PopcornFlix prides itself on the idea that none of its programs or movies are more than two clicks away, and they have thousands of television shows and movies that are completely free to watch on your computer or their mobile app.

They won’t have new releases or anything that you could watch on cable, but they have some hidden gems you won’t be sorry you caught.

5. Vudu

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Vudu is a paid streaming service, but they also have a free section that contains a surprising number of recognizable titles. You do have to sign up and also sit through some ads, but you’ll have access to more than 5000 titles on your computer, phone, or streaming device.

There’s tons of stuff from the 80s and 90s, since the rights are cheap, but you won’t have to dig far to find something you’ll love.

4. Crackle

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Crackle isn’t just for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee anymore – the service is free once you sign up for an account, and you’ll have access to their full library of television shows and movies once you do.

Sure, there’s the occasional commercial, but it’s truly worth it.


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IMDbTV offers a decent lineup of recognizable content, even if you have to sign up for an account and watch some commercials to see it.

Not only that, you can download  it to your Amazon Fire device, and once you do, you’ll see plenty of titles you recognize – including some recent hits like Won’t You Be My Neighbor.

2. Plex

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This ia free, ad-supported streaming service  – meaning you have to watch ads to view anything, but in return you get access to free television and movies, including anything from your (or a friend’s) media server.

They also recently added content from Crackle, so you get double the bang for your buck.

1. Public Domain Torrents

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If you need to download content for a trip or something similar, there’s no better place to go for free stuff. Most of the films are old, but that doesn’t meant they’re not great classics, right?

They also offer many of the films in versions that are optimized for specific mobile devices, so the quality is great.

Please stop and think before you rip off books, movies, music, etc on the internet – it does affect artists.

Are there legal websites we missed that you love? Drop them in the comments!