10 Polyamorous Folks Share What Can Be Hard About The Holidays

The holidays can put any kind of relationship in a bit of a pressure cooker. People are already stressed, they’re already being kind of forced to spend time with family and answer hard questions, and it can all feel like a bit much.

I would guess having the feelings and plans of more than one romantic partner to consider would only make that harder – but these 10 people are able to tell us for sure.

10. I imagine it takes some maneuvering.

But good communication is key.

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9. Seems like there could be a better time.

Or place. Or both.

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8. Sounds like there’s a story there.

Or maybe more than one.

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7. It is a special time.

You want your loved ones close.

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6. Snuggling is pretty nice.

The more the merrier.

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5. It may be time to come clean.

I suspect you’ll be happier once you do.

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4. One big happy family.

It sounds pretty nice.

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3. Maybe it will be ok.

If not, too bad for them.

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2. Girlfriend has a plan.

You’ve gotta respect that.

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1. Your real home is the people you love.

Sometimes that’s not your birth family.

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Yeah, sounds very stressful to me.

If you’re poly and have navigated a holiday or two, give us your tips and tricks for keeping everyone happy in the comments!