10 Polyamorous People On How They Handle Jealousy

I assume that, no matter the type of relationship or who is involved, most relationships are the same at their core. They all have the same potential highs – and the same potential pitfalls – and jealousy is something that most people deal with at one time or another.

These 10 people in polyamorous relationships are confirming my suspicions. They do deal with jealousy, but like the rest of us, have to figure it out.

10. As long as it’s working out.

That’s really all that matters.

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9. Maybe he wasn’t quite sure.

But now a second conversation needs to be had, it seems.

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8. They sound like they’ve got a good thing.

They should hang onto each other for sure!

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7. Sounds like a rock and a hard place.

One feeling will win out eventually.

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6. When you can dish it out but not take it…

I’m not sure how fair this is, but it’s not my relationship!

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5. Just a miscommunication.

It sounds as if they made the right choice for their relationship.

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4. The way to make every sort of relationship work.

Open and honest is the way to go!

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3. Sometimes it’s better not to know.

Now some hard decisions will have to be made.

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2. Not as long as everyone is ok with it.

Informed consent is the word of the decade.

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1. It’s a lot of commitment.

Most of us can barely handle one person!

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It’s really not that tough if everyone involved is mature and invested in the relationship, right?

How do you handle jealousy in your relationship? If you have some great tips, drop them in the comments!