People Confess What It’s Like To Be In A Relationship With Someone With ADHD

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up we didn’t know a whole lot about ADHD. It was all about little boys who were super annoying, super loud, and who couldn’t sit still – but there was medication to fix that, and so no one really thought to dig any deeper.

Now that we’re adults, some of us are in relationships with those little boys (and girls who were missed) who are still living and coping with ADHD on a daily basis – and if you’re curious how it can affect a partnership, these 11 people are confessing all.

11. I have a few questions.

I wish we could ask these people to elaborate.

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10. It can definitely be hard to relate.

Their brain doesn’t work like yours and mine.

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9. He must really love her.

Either that or they haven’t been dating all that long.

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8. It might not be the medicine.

I’m just putting that out there.

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7. Both of those things can be true.

Coping mechanisms are helpful for everyone.

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6. This is the opposite of my opinion.

People and their treatment plans are so different!

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5. It can be a lot to deal with alone.

If you’ve got a partner, they should be a partner.

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4. It’s unfair to judge everyone on the same scale.

I wish the world would have realized that a long time ago.

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3. Different doesn’t mean bad.

Sometimes your spokes just all fit together!

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2. It’s a reason, but not an excuse.

Stop letting him use it as one!

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1. It can seem a little exhausting.

But think about how it feels for them!

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As someone living this reality, I can relate to several of these confessions.

Do you have ADHD? Does your partner? Tell us what it’s like in the comments!