Dad’s Safety Tip Saved This Teen Girl From A Hotel Room Invader

I don’t know about you, but one of my worst nightmares is waking up to someone in my room, or someone trying to break into my house when I’m there alone with my kids, or you know…anything along those lines, really.

That scenario became reality for 19-year-old Canadian Josie Bowers when she went to shower in her (locked) hotel room to see someone trying to break in.

She was only 15 at the time, and had returned to the room alone to clean up while her family stayed for a while longer at the beach. She locked the door, the hotel was a Hilton, and she assumed that she would be safe enough in there alone.


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As you can see in this video she posted to TikTok, where she recreated what she saw, that wasn’t the truth at all – there was someone using a long wire with a hook on the end to try to open her door from the outside.


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♬ Amityville Horror – Scary Halloween Sound Effects – Halloween Sound Effects

In a follow up video, Bowers said she wasn’t able to call her family because she had no cell service, and her first thought was panic.

“Holy s*%t, I’m in a towel right now and someone is about to break in and get me.”

Then, she sprung into action, slamming the door closed and throwing the deadbolt into place.

Since the door was secure, she cracked open the door just to make sure it wasn’t an employee who had the wrong room, recalling advice from her stepfather, a policeman, to never let anyone know she’s alone in a house or a room.

The person ran when she called for her dad.


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She shared a fourth video, which is full of great tips for staying safe when traveling, especially when you’re alone.


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There you have it – I’m so sorry this happened to her but happy that she used the experience to spread awareness online.

I know I’ll always be using my deadbolt from now on, how about you?