10 Posts That Are Too Funny To Disappoint

There are surely no shortage of lists out there claiming to be full of the funniest tweets around, but here’s the thing – people are hilarious, and Twitter is the perfect place to dump your poignant, funny, and spot-on thoughts any day of the week.

Which means there are no shortage of tweets that will make you laugh, and no way to ever laugh at them all – but after you scroll through these 10, you’ll be a little bit closer to achieving the impossible.

10. I’m so relieved it’s not just me.

I was worried I might be turning into one of them.

9. I’m sorry, I need more details.

How dare she leave us hanging like that!

8. It might seem harsh, but I mean…

I feel like it’s also kind of true.


11. The internet is bad about this.

It’s the same reason I can also sing the entire “Fancy Like” song.

6. It is weird when you think about it.

But I suppose the weight of the nation is on their shoulders.

5. I could get behind this.

Anything that includes “more sandwiches.”

4. And we have actual red flag emojis.

Let’s use those, yeah?

3. A question for the ages.

And our therapists.

2. Sounds delicious.

The best revenge is living well and all of that.

1. Weird how that happens.

What are you gonna need though you need somewhere to stay.


My goal in life is to make it onto one of these lists one day, I swear.

Which of these tweets really got your funny bone? Did you forward it to a friend? Do it now and then tell us in the comments which it was that you loved!