When it comes to seeking out humorous posts on the internet, it can be a bit of a wild goose chase sometimes. Everyone doesn’t find the same things funny, and despite things going viral every two seconds, those posts actually take a bit of time to make the rounds.

If you’ve been looking and failing today, here are 15 tweets that we’ve certified giggle-worthy at the least.

15. Now those are original pieces.

You should be thanking her.

14. It’s important to celebrate the milestones.

Victories or not.

13. Hopefully not for evil.

But you never know.

12. You mean they’re not?

I refuse to believe it.

11. If you’re over 30, you belong to this club.

I said what I said.

10. We can make it work sans sanity.

Just look at how well we’ve been keeping it together!

9. Put that baby to work!

Heaven knows you’ve done enough for her.

8. No, he can’t tell time.

His stomach can, though.

7. Hello anxiety my old friend.

Why are we like this?

6. This made me laugh out loud.

I love when jokes take a sharp turn.

5. This is awful.

And honestly downright hilarious.

4. Thanks but no thanks, Coke.

This is pretty hilariously telling.

3. You were holding each other up.

So that’s still relationship goals if you ask me.

2. The weather doesn’t dictate when fall begins.

Pass the pumpkin spice.

1. Dang urban dictionary.

Always getting good folks into trouble.

I’m chuckling, and maybe I even snorted a couple of times.

How about you? Tell us in the comments which of these struck you as funniest!