A K-Name Was Taught a Valuable Lesson at the Store She Works At

You know those women who we call that certain name? Will they ever learn?

I think the answer is NO because stories about these women just never stop coming our way!

And here’s another one for you to enjoy…and it involves some revenge, which we all love.

Take a look.

All items on the conveyor belt? I’d love to!

“Happened today at a Club/Membership Warehouse retailer.

The newly appointed floor manager, of course we’ll call her Karen, in between berating her staff and hissing at customers who mess up the way their goods are displayed and merchandised (she accosted my son for unfolding a Lakers hoodie then not folding it back up perfectly), was asking rather loudly: “ALL ITEMS MUST BE PLACED ON TOP OF THE CONVEYOR BELT FOR EASY, QUICK AND EFFICIENT CHECKOUT”!

My son and I look at each other, we then carefully place the boxed 60″ OLED 4K HDTV on top of the conveyor belt. We had to place the box in a TATE MODE orientation in order for it to fit as the belt wasn’t long enough.

We could tell from the smirk on her face that the check out gal knew that we were being MC as she pretended not to have noticed and continued helping the customer ahead of us.

Belt jerks forward with it’s usual sudden start and stop motion. Boxed TV makes a loud THUD as it makes impact with the polished concrete floor. Floor manager and store manager runs over asking what happened.

My Maliciously Compliant son speaks before I could : “Karen here instructed everyone to place ALL items on top of the conveyor belt for easy, quick and efficient checkout. I just didn’t want her to yell at me again like she did earlier at the sports apparel section”.

Karen is beet red with her forehead veins popping out and throbbing at this point. Lovely check out gal interjects to the store manager: “Sorry I didn’t notice the TV on the conveyor belt as I was helping the elderly customer ahead arrange her shopping cart. We only have ourselves to blame as we’ve been telling everyone all morning that all items must be on the belt”.

Son and I carry on with the check out process after getting a replacement TV. On our way out, the receipt checker says: “Not all heroes wear capes. We needed someone to do something like this”, as he winked at us.”

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