10 Random Acts of Kindness to Lift Your Spirits Today

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Looking around at the world and the news therein, it can be easy to lose your hope for humanity.

Like, REALLY easy. Like, absurdly ridiculously easy.

…like, you might be considered an absolute fool if you DON’T lose your hope, that’s how easy it is.

But we really do need to temper all the bad with the knowledge that most people really do want to look out for each other, and they want what’s best for humanity, even if they may be misguided on what that is.

With that in mind, here are a few anonymous true stories of people being, yanno, decent.

10. Into the fold

This is really above and beyond, I won’t even do this for my own clothes.

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9. Get well soon

“I re-opened the sale and payed for it myself.”

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8. A little bit of magic

That does sound really rewarding.

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7. I’m lovin’ it

It’s a lovely thing to see.

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6. Lost and found

I do hope you gave him something for that.

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5. “A random guy”

It’s not always a bad thing.

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4. “I slept on a bench”

Was it still hot, though? These are the questions.

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3. “It worried her”

Humans protecting humans from humans…I guess I’ll take it!

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2. “Merry Christmas”

I once had my Taco Bell order paid by the car in front of me in college.
That was very cool, I was super poor.

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1. “Stop to get a dog”

Doggo policing is the most important kind of policing.

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Best of luck to us all, humanity. We can do this if we really try.

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