12 Siblings Share Their Thoughts on Not Being the Favorite Child

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Most parents swear that they don’t play favorites.

I’m sure most of the time they think that’s true.

But most siblings would argue that there is, in fact, a favorite, and for a variety of reasons.

Those reasons, however, can reveal a complex set of family dynamics.

Here’s what 12 siblings have to say about not being the favorite.

1. Even young children have a sense of fairness

And they can be more affected than you know.

My parents make it no secret that my sister is the favorite and it's torn me apart since I was little. This is exactly why I have low self esteem.

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2. It sews competition and dislike between sisters

That can be a hard thing to get over.

My sister is the favorite child. I really can't wait until she leaves for college. I just want to feel special for once.

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3. But of course, sometimes you make your own bed

They seem at peace with it, at least.

My family hates curse words, but I curse all the time and my sister is the favorite for it. LOL.

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4. It’s not a hard thing to figure out

Even if you try not to be super obvious about it.

My parents don't think I know that my sister is the favorite, but I do know. Newsflash: I'm not stupid.

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5. Other times, well… they don’t try to hide it

I mean, just wow.

My brother is the favorite. My family threw a huge party for his birthday and spent $250+ on going out to eat. My dad just got me flowers and frozen chicken strips for me.

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6. It can be a really hard thing to feel less than

Dealing with that all your life starts to take a toll.

I hate that my parents have a favorite child. It's definitely not me and they make it known. Then they get confused why I struggle with depression... ummm...?

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Not that picking favorites is ever deserved, but a lot of less-liked siblings think the favorite is undeserving of the attention.

7. Why are awful people so good at hiding their true colors?

Isn’t there a saying, “Truth will out?” When does that happen?

Why is my sister the favorite child? She's an awful person and takes advantage of my parents every day.

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8. It can be hard to watch

Not that speaking up would do any good.

My mother's favorite child is my older sister and it's very clear to see. Even thoug she is a fat, lazy slob... ugh.

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9. And some of these parents are downright horrible

I can’t imagine saying this to anyone’s face, let alone my child.

My mom calls me fat on a regular basis, tells me how lazy I am. My sister is the favorite child and it's very obvious. My dad called me a whore, failure, ugly, etc... Can I just be done?

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10. It really puts you in a tough situation

Truly awful.

My parents keep telling me I'm earting too much, and it's so clear that my sister is the favorite one. I wish I had the courage to leave.

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11. It can be painful and discouraging

I really don’t envy them.

I'm the scapegoat and my sister is the favorite child who could never do any wrong.

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12. Eventually you just sort of accept it

It’s not fun, but it is what it is.

Being the least favorite child is the greatest thing ever (sarcasm). I poke fun at it, but it really breaks my spirit.

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Man, some of these are really harsh! I would say my parents did a better job of hiding who their favorite is, and I hope my siblings feel the same way.

What about you? Were you the favorite? Tell us in the comments.