10 People Show the Bitter and Sweet Sides of Sterilization

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One of the most invasive questions people can ask is about your plans to have children.

It’s no one’s business but the people making the choice–and sometimes it’s not even a choice.

But that doesn’t stop people from asking.

At family functions and even in the workplace, if you’re in a committed relationship and over the age of 24, the awkward questions abound.

It’s time to stop asking such personal questions. People don’t have kids for all kinds of reasons.

Fertility issues aside, 10 people explain the myriad emotions surrounding sterilization.

1. Sometimes, it’s a choice you make together

I hope karma, at least, was very sweet.

I got my tubes tied because my husband didn't want more kids. He had an affair and she got pregnant.

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2. Sometimes, it’s the mature thing to do

We don’t know their life.

I went and got sterilized after my abortion. I made the right choice to end my pregnancy, but I never want to have to make that choice again.

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3. No matter what you say, it’s going to be the wrong thing

Even when you mean well, better just to go about your day.

When a nurse tells you how lucky you are to have had a hysterectomy so young, not knowing that you wanted a child and having it wasn't by choice but necessity.

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4. Some people can laugh it off easier than others

But why should they have to?

Thefunniest thing about getting my tubes tied is how much other people think it's okay for them to comment. It's my body, my decision. Kindly f*** off?

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5. Taking “it’s none of your business” to a whole new level

Because safety is about more than just preventing pregnancy.

I got sterilized 4 years ago and can't get pregnant. But I won't tell a guy I'm dating that because I don't want to fight with him over wearing a condom. I want him terrified that he could get me pregnant.

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6. It could become a dangerous game.

Like at some point you have to tell them right?

My secret is that I've had a vasectomy but I never tell any girls that I date.

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7. There are times when it makes total sense

And you end up regretting it anyway.

I had my tubes tied when I was with my abusive ex-husband and now that I'm with the love of my life, I regret it. I want to have a baby with him.

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8. But there is still joy, even with regret

Fertility treatments, foster parenting, adoption, pets.

I adopt animals because I regret having my tubes tied.

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9. Choice is the key

When you don’t get one, either way, it hurts.

I was given a certain amount of time to have a kid before I'm basically forced to get a hysterectomy... I hate this forced feeling and my life is an absolute disaster...

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10. The important thing is doing what’s right for yourself

And living the life you want to live.

I got a vasectomy at 25 and I have zero regrets about it. I have dogs that will never complain about wanting clothes, cell phones, or need to go to college.

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These posts show that people are childless for all kinds of reasons, and that everyone should mind their own business until it affects them.

Do you know of other reasons for not having kids that you want to share? Drop them in the comments.