10 Satisfying GIF Loops That Are Fun To Watch Over And Over

We hope you’re bored because these looping GIFs are going to hold you in place for a long time. The longer you look the harder it will be to break away because these get better the longer you fixate. They also look like they were really fun to make!

Are you ready for such mindless entertainment? Then find a comfortable place to sit and enjoy these 10 hypnotizing loops.

1. Good family fun.

Pops is on fire.

That perfect slide
byu/longsanks inBetterEveryLoop

2. Like a school bus leaping out of the ocean.

Show off.

Nature cannot be beat!
byu/Rad-Panda-_ inBetterEveryLoop

3. Wanna dance?

No? Okay, I’ll just crawl back to my drink.

Dance till i fall down
byu/longsanks inBetterEveryLoop

4. Starts off slow.

Then it becomes a propeller.

Staff Spinning technique tutorial
byu/Sapulinjing inBetterEveryLoop

5. Man’s fluffy, adorable best friend.

See the toilet paper wall get higher?

Nothing can come between us
byu/longsanks inBetterEveryLoop

6. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

But neither can the guy sitting on top of the car.

Crash Level Expert
byu/Mini_Midi inBetterEveryLoop

7.  Oh my gosh, these kids.

They’re like puppies.

Look at different child every time
byu/Rad-Panda-_ inBetterEveryLoop

8. These ladies are so excited.

You won’t see excitement like that when you spend money at the Buy-n-Large.

When you buy from a small business
byu/jarvis125 inBetterEveryLoop

9. This one is oddly calming.

You know he’ll never fall.

Round n Round n Round n Round….
byu/ZerophoniK inBetterEveryLoop

10. Wait, what?

No worries. You’ll get to see it in a loop forever.

The greatest defense ever
byu/longsanks inBetterEveryLoop

Aren’t these loops great? It’s almost a meditation.

Now get back to work!