The New Grumpy Cat? Kitzia’s Adorable Face Makes It Look Like She’s Always Angry.

You probably remember the Grumpy Cat, the four-legged feline who went viral a few years back for having a permanently grumpy-looking face.

People around the world mourned the loss of Grumpy Cat when she died in 2019, but we’re here to inform you that there’s a new, possibly even grumpier cat on the scene.

Her name is Kitzia — and that’s Angry Kitzia to you!

Here’s what she looks like on a normal day:


She hates math and geography. OR she hates everything. The jury is still out.


And she really loves her beauty rest. I mean, are you going to stop that face from sleeping? Leave her alone!


And she’s very skeptical of pretty much anyone who comes near her. Because why should she trust you, huh? Because you’ve got snacks? Well… tough!


Especially if you try to pet her. Hands up buddy… unless you have snacks. Even if you have snacks… watch it!


OK, but seriously, we could get used to this adorable little kitty! Because she’s one of the cutest kittehs we’ve ever seen.


Kitzia is living the good life in Florida with her mom, who works as a professional photographer. You can just imagine all the attention Kitzia gets, since she’s such a great model.

What do you think of pets with grumpy or scowly faces? Would you you ever adopt one with this type of look on his or her face?

Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you! Reading all of those are what makes life interesting.