10+ Secrets That Ellen DeGeneres Got Celebrities to Admit


Everybody loves Ellen! People like her so much, in fact, that they’ll admit some of their deepest, darkest secrets to her. On TV. In front of millions of people.

We’re talking celebrities here. Check these out.

1. Sandra Bullock once got so drunk at a party as a teenager that she ended up having her stomach pumped in a hospital.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Okay, there’s GOT to be more to that story.

2. Amy Schumer believes her husband’s penis is the best part of his body.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Not shocking.

3. Reese Witherspoon and Pink have both had sex in public places.

Photo Credit: YouTube

That’s…somewhat shocking (for Reese).

4. They also both admitted they’ve hooked up with people while someone else was in the room.

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5. Kate Hudson caught her mom Goldie Hawn having sex with Kurt Russell.

Photo Credit: YouTube

That’s something you can’t unsee.

6. Kim Kardashian heard Kris Jenner having sex, called her siblings, and put the whole thing on speakerphone.

Photo Credit: YouTube

I feel like I’ve seen that episode…

7. Chris Pratt has a man crush on Tim McGraw.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Who. Doesn’t.

8. And his favorite pickup line is, “Hey, you like money?”

Photo Credit: YouTube

Okay, that’s pretty great.

9. P Diddy once had sex in the restaurant Nobu.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Hopefully it wasn’t near any of the raw fish.

10. Simon Cowell is in the mile-high club.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Again, not very surprising.

11. Jane Fonda is also in the mile-high club.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Yeah, she had sex on another planet…as Barbarella.

12. Jennifer Lawrence thinks Bradley Cooper is a better kisser than Liam Hemsworth.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Uh oh…here’s hoping Liam wasn’t watching that episode.

13. Gwyneth Paltrow used her celebrity status to get out of a speeding ticket.

Photo Credit: YouTube

I mean, who wouldn’t do that?

14. George Clooney once forgot the name of someone he was hooking up with.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Oh, George… please don’t make me think less of you.

15. Justin Timberlake hooked up with a Spice Girl.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Again, not at all surprising, because the 90s.

Do you have any deep, dark secrets you want to reveal in the comments?!?!