10 Shows That Never Jumped The Shark

We live in a fascinating time in entertainment—the era of prestige television.

It hasn’t always been this way.TV used to be looked down upon as second rate in comparison to films, but that’s all changed. The recent past has been great for television, and there are plenty of shows that never missed a beat—they remained top-notch viewing from the first episode to the last.

Check out ten of our favorites.

1.Buffy The Vampire Slayer

More than just your average high-school-girl-hunts-vampires story—the plots grew in complexity as the series went on and with failures and successes in all the characters.

Photo credit: 20th Television

2. Fringe

A sweet mix of sci-fi, crime and action, Fringe did have some uneven plot points was so original as a whodunnit, fans and critics let it slide.

Photo credit: Fox

3. The Leftovers

We never know why 2% of the world’s population disappears, but we never really need to.

The show is all about the aftermath, and of course, Kevin and Nora’s relationship.

Photo credit: HBO

4. Anne With An E

This retelling of Anne of Green Gables takes viewers on a different journey from the book with more modern, darker themes.

Photo credit: Netflix

5. Breaking Bad

Has cooking meth ever been this entertaining?

Walter White is the one who knocks!

Photo credit: AMC

6. Criminal Minds

For 15 seasons, Criminal Minds fed the needs of fans itching to solve crimes and anticipate criminal behavior before it occurred.

Photo credit: CBS

7. Downton Abbey

No one expected this PBS series about nobility and servants against the backdrop of early 20th-century history to be as much of hit as it was, but it was so popular, it spawned a movie.

Photo credit: PBS

8. Friends

No one ever got over its end, and no one ever will.

We can’t wait for the reboot. Central Perk, anyone?

Photo credit: NBC

9. Mad Men

Cocktails, sex and the ad game against the backdrop of the swinging—and sometimes square—1960s.

Photo credit: AMC

10. Six Feet Under

Each show started with the death of someone coming through the Fisher family’s funeral home and took us on their journey of love, loss and redemption.

Worth watching for one of the best finales ever made.

Photo credit: HBO

Which of these shows resonated most with you? Have any faves that didn’t make this list?

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