10 Stories of Dealing with the Office Meanie

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Growing up, dealing with my school bully was the absolute worst. He was relentless. Granted, I was homeschooled, so the bully was me, but still, I can be quite a handful.

Truthfully, it wasn’t until I made it into the adult world that I really started experiencing what the whole bullying thing was about, because it turns out, they don’t stay in school. They pop up in the workplace too.

Just listen to what these anonymous contributors have to say about it.

10. “Sleeping with the boss”

How high up does this thing go?
What do you do when there’s that kind of power structure?

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9. “I think…”

Well, admitting there’s a problem is the first step.

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8. “I want to stand up”

Feeling exceptionally principled but also non-confrontational is a terrible place to be.

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7. “The new employee”

If there’s one thing a bully can’t stand, it’s someone who won’t let them have power.

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6. “The boss’ favorite”

Nothing more maddening than that.

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5. “I let her…”

You’ve gotta find a limit eventually though, right?

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4. “I took a demotion”

Better than the alternative, I guess.  A good job isn’t good if you can’t stand to be there.

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3. “She used to upset me”

That’s it, take the power away.

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2. “I need a new job”

Yeah I don’t think there’s any winning in an environment like that.

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1. “Date and time”

What a super weird accusation to go with.

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I guess some folks just never grow up.

Have you had to deal with a work bully?

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