10 Takes on the Reality of Romance After Marriage

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It’s not really that we expect that we’ll never change once married. When you look someone in the eyes at the alter and say “I do” to an entire lifetime, you have to be imagining the older years, the slower ones, the ones that are hopefully very content but likely a bit less intense.

Still, it’s disheartening if the romance just goes away altogether, and especially so if it goes away too quickly.

That’s the kind of thing going on with a lot of these anonymous people who chimed in on the post-marital love issue. Let’s see how many out of ten find the experience positive, in a not-at-all scientific study.

10. Six bad years

I’d say that math is pretty awful. No points.

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9. Coming to the surface

Doesn’t have to be constant to be important. One point!

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8. And then depression hit

Sounds bleak indeed. No points.

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7. Almost sickening

That’s a switch you never wanna flip. No points.

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6. Cheater, cheater

Ultimately never a solution, but a drive for so many. No points.

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5. With the tides

Doesn’t sound so bad. All the time might be exhausting. One point.

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4. Survival

Well that sounds…kinda bleak, actually. No points.

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3. Falling apart

I think with a title like that you already know we’re doing no points here.

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2. Not my type

Finding your match is a romance of its own. One point.

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1. Trashy love

It’s all about showing you care. One point.

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So, our final score for romance in marriage? 4/10

See me after class.

What do you think about this from your own experience?

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