Overweight Person Made a Dinner Awkward When They Were Served Less Food Than Others. Did She Overreact?

I’m not gonna lie, this story made me cringe when I read it.

And if you don’t think there is discrimination against overweight people in our society, you’re not paying attention.

Take a look at this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page and see what happened to an overweight person at a dinner.

AITA for making dinner awkward when my friend served me up less food because I’m fat?

“This is not a ‘skinny bad, fat good’ scenario so save those comments.

I’m fat and happy. I know this really upsets people, but I’m proud overcoming an ED so I couldn’t give a s**t. I go to the gym 4x a week and eat well mostly, but I don’t deprive myself. If I want KFC I’m going to eat it. My goal isn’t to lose weight, but build my strength and fitness.

If weight loss comes naturally that’s fine but I don’t strive for it. I’m fit and can keep up with my friends when we go hiking, but I’m obviously bigger than them and when I first gained weight it was a struggle to be included in activities like hiking because they never invited me, but I proved myself over time.

We catch up for monthly dinners provided no cases in our state. One of my friends made a beautiful paella and fixed the plates up in the kitchen before she brought them out along with garlic bread.

When she brought out mine she said “I dished you up a little less because of all the carbs,” in front of everybody and it confused me because I don’t watch carbs (triggers ED behaviour). I looked at the dish and I had about half the portion of what my friend next to me had, and only one slice of garlic bread when the others had 3 pieces.

I thanked her for thinking of me but told her that I don’t watch carbs so I can have a full portion, and that I was excited to try the food because it looked great.

She asked me if I thought I should eat a full meal, because I was looking good (losing weight) lately and she didn’t want me to ruin my progress. I promised her that I would be happy with a regular serve.

This would not have been an issue if the portions were only slightly different, but it was an entree vs main size meal kind of difference. When she brought out my plate again I thanked her and we left it.

After that the vibe was weird but we still had fun. I was the last to leave as I helped my friend clean up and thanked her again for the meal. While we were washing the dishes she mentioned that she was sorry that she didn’t want to be the reason I ‘put it back on’, meaning weight.

I replied that it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I did and that I felt awkward that she mentioned the carb thing in front of a table of 7. She then turned it on me and said that I made HER feel awkward for saying something about the size difference and that I put a damper on the night.”

And here’s what Reddit users had to say.

This person said that the woman hosting the dinner is to blame in this situation.

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Another reader said that the host was to blame for choosing to serve her guests and for putting unnecessary guilt on the person who wrote the post.

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This individual said that the host is even further to blame because she doubled down on her bad behavior.

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And finally, this reader said that most people at parties and events should just serve themselves.

I agree!

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