Guy Asks if He’s a Jerk for Refusing to Move From a Bench at Night After a Woman Asked Him To

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AITA for refusing to move from a bench at night cause this lady was uncomfortable?

“I (24M)get off late from work around 11pm almost midnight.

I do packing and shipping, it was an 8 hour shift was on my feet all day so I’m exhausted af and just wanna get home. At the metro station where I catch the train there only one long bench to sit and this lady was already sitting on one side. She looked maybe like 30’s not too old.

So I sit on the other side of the bench not even that close to her cause I’m at the edge. She keeps looking at me until she asks if I mind. I ask her what she means. The lady tells me if I mind going somewhere else and I ask why.

Then she tells me we’re the only people at the station and she not comfortable with me being close to her. I look around again even tho I know there’s no other places to sit and I tell her sorry I won’t bother her I just really need to sit cause I’m tired from work.

Then she says would it really k**l me if I moved somewhere else since the train gonna be there in 15 mins and I could sit then. This lady not letting it go, I promise I won’t bother her. Like didn’t even tell her anything or did something the first minutes I sat down by her. This time she get really mad and asks me to move.

Now I’m kinda annoyed but all i tell her is no and that I’m sorry, she doesn’t have to worry about me since I just want to sit somewhere after standing all day. After saying that I put my headphones back on and looked at my phone.

But saw this lady after a few mins get up and walk all the way to the other side of the platform an just stands there. Before she left did hear her saying “f**king jacka**.” Didn’t think she would get this mad at me not wanting to move.

I get why ladies would be uncomfortable that late at night at a train station with some random guy but I wasn’t even paying attention to her at all. And didn’t wanna move cause again I was super tired.

Still was I an a**hole?”

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