This Woman Won’t Let Her Parents Come To Her Wedding. Is She Wrong?

You know things are pretty bad when you don’t want to invite your own parents to your wedding.

But that’s exactly what happened in this complicated story of family drama from the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit.

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AITA for refusing to let my parents come to my wedding?

“Me (27f) and my girlfriend (28f) have been dating for a little over 6 years now.

We got engaged 2 years ago (and had to postpone our wedding because of covid), but my parents were never accepting of us. I’m a lesbian, I came out to them at 16, and they always acted like it was something for me to grow out of, and that it wasn’t possible for “girls like me” to not be attracted to men.

I’ve had other partners in the past and they never showed interest and always seemed to try to get me to break up with them with dumb excuses, such as “you should finish your studies and get a job first!” while encouraging my younger sister to get boyfriends when she was 12. It didn’t make much sense.

My parents were always rude to my wife (I’ll call her Jenny for the sake of this post). They would never smile in her presence, talk to her in mumbles and whisper to eachother whenever they saw her.

They never once showed interest in our relationship and brushed it off as a phase stemming from “past trauma”.

When told them I got engaged, they were outraged. They yelled at me and then cried asking eachother where they went wrong with me. It was getting out of control.

They asked me why I was throwing my life away for a girl, told me I was too pretty to be a lesbian and kept saying I didn’t love Jenny.

I was silent throughout this entire thing and once it seemed like they were done, I walked out of there and I haven’t spoken to them since.

Once the wedding was over, I got approached my a few accepting family members asking why my parents weren’t there. I tried my best to explain it to them, but it seemed like they were more concerned about my parent’s feelings than my own or my Jenny’s.

I want to make it clear that I’m not holding a grudge against my parents, so if they ever do grow to acceptance or if they’re ever open to learning more about this I’ll happily welcome them back into my life.

My parents found out about the wedding and got very angry at me. They sent over 50 voice messages each (without exaggeration) and I only got around to listening to 13 of them. So far they’ve all been angry and yelling, which isn’t very good for my mental health, so I’ve procrastinated listening to the rest.

Am I the a**hole?”

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This person said that the woman is not an a**hole and that her parents are clearly h**ophobic.

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Another reader said that she should keep track of those voicemails in case this situation escalates.

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This individual said that the woman has nothing to feel guilty for because her parents are to blame for not respecting her life choices.

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Finally, this reader made a good point: even though the woman who wrote the post probably already knows she’s not wrong, it’s important for her to hear it.

Good point!

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