Is This New Mother Awful For Refusing To Call Her Husband When She Goes Into Labor?

The title of this article might end up being a little misleading, even if it is totally true – because you’re probably thinking “what sort of monster doesn’t want her husband there when their baby is born,” right?

Well, get a load of this story, y’all.

OP is due very soon with her 4th child – her second with her husband – and he’s rarely at home. He works, he goes out with friends, and when OP asks him to be around or spend more time with her, he tells her to get her own friends.


I’m currently 38+2 days pregnant and expected to go into labour anytime as this is my 4th baby.

But for about the last month my husband has barely been around. He goes to work with his buddy usually until about dinner mon-fri. Comes home to eat dinner, watch the news, shower, and then goes out to see a different friend for the evenings usually coming home anywhere from 9-12. And then weekends are usually spent with these friends doing other random things usually not work related.

When I have tried to talk to him about how I’d like him to spend more time with me he always says I need to make my own friends. Today his exact words when I said I don’t ask that much of him were “yeah I know but if you had friends you’d ask even less.”

Even though her baby is due soon, he informed her that he has plans for the next two weekends and won’t be home.

Well he called this afternoon to tell me he wasn’t coming home after work and would probably be having drinks tonight with his friends and he then proceeds to tell me he fully intends to go to his buddies party next weekend as well.

He told her she can call if she needs him, but when she advised him that she wont’ call – even if she does go into labor – he told her she was being immature.

OP says what would be the point of calling a drunk man away from a party, because if he can’t be helpful, why be there at all?

I didn’t get upset and just said fine. Have a good time. Before he hung up he said if I needed him to call. My response was no I wouldn’t be calling. if I went into labour I’d be calling someone else. And now he’s mad at me saying that I’m being a child.

But I see it as if he’s drinking this close to my due date and planning on drinking next weekend whether the baby has come or not then he clearly doesn’t care to be there. It’s not like I can call him and have him come home to go to the hospital with me drunk as a skunk.

So am I really being unreasonable by telling him no I won’t be calling him if he’s not here when I go into labour?

Does Reddit think she’s being unreasonable? Let’s find out!

The top comment is super supportive, and also wonders if this poor pregnant women has been caring for the other three children alone all of this time.

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This guy pointed out that nothing about this marriage seems equitable, and counseling (at the very least) is in order.

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The bottom line for the commenters is that none of this seems healthy.

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Maybe missing the birth is going to be the wakeup call he needs.

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And yeah, you’re not the only one who thinks he might be cheating.

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Y’all this poor woman. I don’t even know what to say.

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