This Woman Called Out Her Niece and Now Wants to Know if She Acted Like a Jerk

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It comes to us from the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit and it involves a woman throwing some serious and hurtful shade at her niece.

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AITA for accidentally upsetting my niece by saying her mom’s life would be better if she wasn’t born?

“To summarize, I (32F) got into an argument over something ridiculous and now everyone’s mad at me.

When my sister (26F) was 17, she got pregnant and had a baby girl. Obviously since she was young, she wasn’t exactly ready to raise a kid, but my family did the best we could to help her out.

She currently has a stable job and is living with her child and the child’s father in their own apartment. The issue is that since she had the baby so young, she never got to really experience her life. I’m childfree and am always enjoying new life experiences and I know my sister is jealous of me for it.

The other day I came over for her daughter’s birthday party and we were talking about her as a baby. At one point we started to argue about how she was raised and I said, “Don’t you ever think your life would’ve been better if she had never been born?”

It turns out her daughter was in earshot of this so she heard everything and got really upset. My sister got defensive and said that her child was the best thing to ever happen to her, called me an AH, and kicked me out of the party. She blocked my number and won’t talk to me at all now.

My mom is saying I should apologize but my dad agrees with me on this, and says my sister was overreacting. Maybe I was a bit too aggressive when I said it but I know what I said is true.

AITA for what I did?”

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This reader said that this woman sounds jealous, petty, and cruel.

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Another reader said the woman just sounds BITTER.

I think they’re right.

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This individual said that they’ll never understand people with no kids who behave like this.

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And finally, this reader said that she needs to apologize to everyone involved.

You just got served!

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