Was This Woman Wrong for Telling Her Dad That He Let Her Mom Down? People Responded.

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AITA for telling my dad he let my mom down?

“My parents were married for 24 years. I (22f) am their only child together. My dad had two sons and a daughter with his first wife.

When I was a kid they shared custody until their mom was sent to jail for something she did to my mom. Before that she really made sure my half siblings h**ed my mom. They treated her terribly. They called CPS on her twice claiming she was a**sing them, which she wasn’t, and the second time my mom moved out with me so my dad could be the only adult in the home with them.

They stayed married and they tried to work on the family unit but my siblings weren’t interested and as soon as their mom got released they moved in with her and we moved back in with my dad.

Dad still chased my half siblings and tried to make us a family. My mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was 11 and she fought like hell for 11 years. My dad ended up being her caregiver and he did a good job in some ways. But he left her exposed to my half siblings.

I want to say I blame them but I know none of it would have happened without their mom. Still, when 14 year old me found my half sister telling my mom she couldn’t wait for her to d** and how her mom was going to p**s and s**t all over her grave and smear it everywhere, and my dad had asked my half sister to stay with my mom, I knew there was also something wrong with them because she was 20 at the time of the incident.

It broke my mom but she was fighting so hard to stay alive she forgot to fight for making her life overall better.

My mom d**d 2 months ago. She wanted to live longer, for me, but cancer took hold of her. My dad chased my half siblings down and begged them to come to the funeral. He tried to encourage them to help us plan and be with us.

My oldest half brother showed up the night before the funeral to tell us his mom and siblings were so f**king glad she was d**d, and the world was a better place without my mom because she was nothing but a nasty whore who married someone else’s sloppy seconds. I kicked him out so d**n fast. And I was pi**ed at my dad too.

I didn’t tell him until last week. I mostly ignored him after the funeral. But he kept pushing lately and so I replied. I told him he failed us. He let my mom down when she needed him the most and he chose three people so full of hatred that they act like monsters. I told him I couldn’t even look at him.

A lot of my dad’s siblings got involved because they feel I was too harsh after the loss he suffered. It’s making me feel a tiny bit bad.


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