10 Times Businesses Let Their ‘Rona Signs Speak for Themselves

People who work in customer-facing roles are truly the saints of our world. Human beings, at least some of them, are determined to be as difficult as possible about every little thing.

Which is why employees and owners are getting fatigued with explaining things with words over and over again – and why these 10 signs are absolutely getting the job done now.

10. CVS owning themselves.

The best kid of own, really.

I saw this at my local CVS from funny

9. That got dark.

Like a kick to the teeth.

8. I hear it’s working Down Under!

What’s a 6-foot long animal in the US? A deer?

7. People do understand a hit to their wallet.

Sadly, they care more about that, too.

6. And they say Canadians are so nice.

Who could blame them though?

Welcome to Canada from funny

5. “Absolutely NO t*tty or sock money.”

Y’all, this should be the rule all the time, if you ask me.

4. That’s a sure way to get people to wear a mask.

No one is going to take a stand where tacos are involved.

My local taco place has a sign that says “no face mask, no tacos” from neoliberal

3. And they need 6-foot long straws.

PLUS a mask.

Image Credit: Imgur

2. I respect the sign.

I have a few questions about those feet, though.

1. Salem, MA really leaning into it.

I love it, and am ready for fall.

I am slow clapping for the people who came up with and posted these! Because they’re the true heroes. Well, and the nurses and doctors and health care workers. Them too.


Honestly, they would make me want to patronize these places more.

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