10 Tricks for Tackling Life’s Tiniest Inconveniences

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Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Okay, I stole that line from the great Ferris Bueller, but it’s true. Life does move fast, so the easier we can make it, the better.

That’s why these 10 tricks are important: they’ll make your life easier and save you some time. And we all know how precious our time is.

So even though you may have been doing some of these things the wrong way for years and years, don’t beat yourself up. Go ahead and make the switch and trust me, you’ll be just a little bit more satisfied.

1. The microwave trick

Photo Credit: Reddit

When you reheat your leftover from the night (or five nights) before, you always just pile it on the plate, throw it in the microwave, and zap it. Well, there’s a much better way, so listen up.

Your food heats up unevenly in the microwave because the radiation the device creates doesn’t travel very far. So only some of the radiation waves will penetrate your food, depending on what kind and how much you’re trying to nuke. So make your food into a ring and try to flatten out the surface if possible. This will help it heat faster and more evenly. One note: this won’t work with soup…

2. Get a load of this…mind-blowing!

Photo Credit: Twitter, EyeKnoFoto

I can honestly say I never ever, in my wildest dreams, thought about this one. You can use the tab on your pop or beer can to hold your straw in place. Who knew?!? That way you don’t have to worry about actually touching your mouth to the can, especially if you bought it at a gas station that looks it hasn’t seen a customer in 10 years. And, if you just like drinking out of straws in general, it’ll keep the straw from bobbing around. Genius!

3. The floss circle

Photo Credit: Reddit

Flossing can kind of hurt not only your teeth and gums, but also your fingers. Picture this: you’re intensely flossing, and you look down and notice your fingers are turning blue because of how tight the floss is wrapped around them. And it keeps getting worse with every tooth.

Try a floss circle. Take a long piece of floss, and tie the ends together to form a loop. Then you can rotate through the floss easily and not worry about losing a finger or two.

4. No more soggy cereal…ever

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Is there anything worse than soggy cereal? The answer is no. And it’s the crumbs that usually muck up the works when you’re trying to enjoy your breakfast. So here’s a very simple solution. Dump your cereal into a colander before you put it in a bowl and add milk. That way the dust/crumbs/etc. won’t ruin your morning. Seems pretty obvious, but I’m willing to bet not many people actually do it.

5. The popcorn trick

No, not that popcorn trick. Get your head out of the gutter. You know how frustrating it is when you take your seat at the movies and you have a ton of butter on top of your popcorn, but the lower 99% of the bag tastes like asphalt? No more!

Put a straw into your popcorn, distribute the butter through the straw, and that entire bag is gonna be greasy and ready to go! I guarantee your movie-going experience will be better because of it.

6. Pay attention to your ceiling fan

Photo Credit: Public Domain

I just recently found out about this, and it’s been a game-changer. You can switch the direction of your ceiling fan blades, and there’s good reason for that. In the warm summer months, you want the blades to move in a counter-clockwise direction, which creates a downdraft and will help to cool off a room. This will also help save on the electric bill.

When it’s cold outside, flip the switch and have the fan move clockwise. This creates an updraft. This forces the warm air near the ceiling to move down into your living space, so you’re actually using the warm air that rises instead of cranking up the heat. Again, a money saver. What a tip!

7. Time to plunge

Photo Credit: Amazon

I think a whole lot of us have been doing this wrong for years. I know I have. Most of us just use a regular cup plunger, which is really only useful on a flat surface, like a sink or a bathtub. But when it’s time to fix the toilet, you need to use a different kind, a flange plunger. You’ll notice the difference in the photo above. The flange plunger is designed for toilets allows you to get a good seal on the drain.

8. A true life hack

This is brilliant. I think I currently have somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 grocery bags shoved beneath my kitchen sink. So instead of using my terrible method, or of just putting your bags in another bag (because that’s annoying and messy too), use an empty tissue box to keep all your plastic grocery bags neatly organized and easily accessible.

9. Sheets!

Photo Credit: pxhere

Making your bed can be super discouraging because it’s easy to get the directions of the sheets wrong, and then you get depressed and question the meaning of life. But not anymore! Did you know the corner of your fitted sheet that has the tag on it is always supposed to go in the right-hand corner of the bed when you make it?  Now you know! No more putting that damn thing on sideways…

10. Use those tabs

Whether you work in the food industry or just like to cook at home, plastic wrap is a necessity. But it can also be a major pain in the ass. You’re in a rush and you try to cover up a dish and you end up pulling the entire roll of plastic wrap out of the box. Nuts!

Well, there are tabs on the ends of plastic wrap and foil boxes that you can simply punch in. This makes it easier for the wrap to come out like it should and will cause you from losing your sh*t on a daily basis.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, use these tricks and save a little time and annoyance in your life.