10 Tweets We’re Sure Will Be Good For A Laugh

I almost started this article by asking if you’re in the mood for a laugh today, but honestly, who isn’t in the mood for a laugh everyday!?

Laughter is the best medicine and all of that, and there are actual studies that smiling to make yourself happy actually makes you happy – so let’s read through some tweets and get to happy making, yeah?

These 10 posts are bound to at least get you to crack a smile, and I guess you’re on your own from there.

10. At least you can admit your mistake.

I know plenty of people who wouldn’t have been able to do that.

9. I should look into that plan.

I could honestly use a bit more time off.

8. I mean honestly.

Are we supposed to remember EVERYTHING?

7. We speak in exclamation points all the time now.

I don’t think we know how to stop.

6. I have to agree with this person.

Kids are cute and all, but this is a party!

5. See also: your passport photo.

The government allows no jollies to be had.

4. Time means nothing anymore.

Neither do calendars. Act accordingly.

3. Yes, we can remember yesterday.

We can’t remember what 45 degrees feels like exactly, though.

2. Also lol at Zach Efron playing in the NBA.

But honestly, I’m starting to identify with the parents in most of those movies.

1. This is all very useful advice, though.

I’m not encouraging, I’m just saying.

See what I mean? Sometimes you just just need a little nudge into good humor, right?

What’s your tried and true way to get yourself out of a funk? Let’s share our best tips in the comments!