10 Weirdly Amazing Animals Who Do Not Want to Be Your Pet

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Sure, animal lovers everywhere like the idea of having an adorable pet that no one has seen before, but we all know in our hearts that there are some beauties that are best observed from afar. Some are endangered, some are hard to take care of, and some would just be destructive as shit in a suburban neighborhood.

Photo Credit: Instagram, miis_98

If you’re sad about responsible animal ownership, I guarantee looking at these 10 pictures will make you smile again – even if you can’t ever take one of these little critters home.

10. Ili Pika

This is like a rabbit but way cuter, and also smaller. The endangered species has adorable red spots around it’s face and neck.

9. Blue Glaucus

The “blue angel” or “blue dragon” only grows up to 3cm long and lives in tropical waters. It looks like something that came out of Newt Scamander’s suitcase!

8. Quokka

The “happiest animal in the world” hails from Australia and needs a very strict type of habitat in order to maintain its good mood.

7. Dragon Lizard

The “dwarf dragon” was found fairly recently in the Andes. It’s actually a type of wood lizard, a diurnal critter that looks like it could show up on on Game of Thrones in a few years. Right?

6. Tapir

These awkward but tame little guys will eat you out of house and home.

5. Mantis Shrimp

These marine creatures are beautiful, live in salt water, and come in various colors. They are notoriously hard to keep in populated aquariums because their punch is so powerful, it can easily crack quarter inch glass, and they’ll eat whatever they can get.

4. Sloth

These hairy, wide-eyed, lazy creatures are many people’s spirit animals, but there’s a long list of reasons they do not make good house pets.

3. Orange Tortoise Spider

Photo Credit: Facebook, Ram Prasad

These cute little guys love the warmth of their home in the Amazon basin. Plus, no one really wants a spider.

2. Tahr

It’s a goat with long, beautiful hair. Enough said.

1. Red Panda

Photo Credit: Instagram, yossi929

This adorable, clumsy mammal is affectionate and funny…and endangered.

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