11 Animals and Their Celebrity Look-Alikes

Everybody has their look-alike.

I found mine sitting across from me at a high school party back in 1997.

He happened to be a person.

But, when Bored Panda solicited photos of celebrity doppelgangers, they asked readers to think more in terms of the animal kingdom.

Out of their 75-ish subs, which were ranked by the readers…(RIGGED!)…I pulled my favorite 11 and ranked them based on a top-secret rubric that I invented an hour ago:

11. Harrison Furred

Photo Credit: jackrouters

Is it the eyes or the smirk?


10. Payton Dogging

Photo Credit: imsozzy

Maybe the chin and the eyes…

9. Samuel Hell Jackson

Photo Credit: B4DASS

“Say ‘Ruff’ again. I double-dog dare you!”

8. George Caterpillinton

Photo Credit: Marco Fischer

OK. That was a pretty bad naming job on my part.

7. Rat-phael Nadal

Photo Credit: Edwin Wong

This may have more to do with angles than facial features, but it works. Also, I know it’s a capybara, not a rat, for you pedants out there.

6. Miley Cys ‘R Us

Photo Credit: Adam Jenkins

The hair/tongue combo really sells it.

5. Hair Furrer

Photo Credit: makemegoon

That’s just an unfortunate spot for a spot.

4. Catimir Lenin

Photo Credit: sailors_jerry

It’s time to redistribute tuna to the masses!

3. Vladimir Poochin 

Photo Credit: r721

That dog totally interfered in an argument my neighbors were having last year…

2. Albert Arfstein

Photo Credit: Dan Dima

It kind of feels like he’s doing an impression of a dog, and that might be cheating, but whatevs. It counts.

1. Kitty Pop

Photo Credit: Fran Veale

That cat has a lust for life.