10 Women Who Were Dishonest About Using Birth Control

I can’t imagine that things often end well in relationships when one person tells a huge lie to the other person.

That said, most people don’t admit to regretting their kids once they’re born, so maybe these women who lied about taking birth control figure no harm, no foul?

If you’re curious why someone would trick their partner into having a baby, these 10 dishonest ladies are baring it all!

10. There’s a lot to process here.

It would probably be better off with a therapist.

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9. I think that’s wise.

Nothing good can come of revealing it, that’s for sure.

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8. Anyone else cringing like, really hard?

I can’t stop.

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7. Bless her heart.

I mean that in a totally un-ironic manner.

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6. Maybe someone is just looking out for you.

Or watching out for your future child.

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5. I mean, play stupid games…

At least it was before anything irrevocable happened.

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4. We should probably unpack something.

Like why your husband would have been against a baby from the get-go.

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3. I’m not sure two wrongs make a right.

Hopefully everything worked out the way they wanted.

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2. I wonder how this turned out.

Mostly if she still has a best friend.

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1. I mean, wow.

There really are no words.

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These are some doozies to process, don’t you think?

Would you ever lie about something about this? Tell us in the comments why or why not!