People Share The Strange Ways They Got Into Relationships

It may seem as if most couples you know met online these days, these truth is that people still do meet in all kinds of ways – and whether things end up lasting or not, you’ll never forget the first time something clicked (in a good way).

These 16 people met in unconventional ways, and I don’t know about you, but reading them is kind of like the start of a really good romance novel!

16. Oddly wholesome.

Was at a party. Waved at a someone I knew.

A girl standing between us who was visibly smashed thought I waved at her.

She came over and tripped in the last meter. I caught her.

That’s 10 years ago and we’re getting married in august.

15. Time for a trade.

On the original Napster.

She had a very rare live track I wanted, and I had the whole back catalogue of the same artist that she wanted.

14. A wild time.

My ex and I got stuck together at his place on our first Tinder date.

For 2 months.

Met him during a layover I had where he lived and they closed all the borders a few hours before I was supposed to leave.

2020 was a wild time.

13. A common enemy.

Craigslist used to have (might still have?) a rants and raves section. I posted a long pissed off open letter to how much winter in Chicago sucks.

A woman answered it and sarcastically made light of just about everything I posted, and we went back and forth for a few emails before meeting up for drinks.

Spent close to 3 years together.

12. A consolation prize.

My ex wife was the consolation prize in a radio contest. Well…kinda.

I used to co-host a morning radio show back in the 90s, and we did a version of “The Dating Game” on the air. Just like the classic TV show, we’d have a woman choosing between 3 eligible bachelors, or a man choosing between 3 “bachelorettes.”

The winner would get a date paid for by the station, and the runners up would get a consolation prize. Part of my job was to coordinate everything between the contestants. This one day, we had the bachelor in the studio, and three women on the phone. He picked one for his date (it was tickets to a baseball game and dinner at a nice restaurant), and afterwards I got all the information from the runners up so that they could get their prizes.

One of them sounded really fun on the phone, and we hit it off. Our studio window looked out over the station’s lobby, and I told her that if she came in to get her prize while I was still on the air, she should turn and wave at the window.

A few hours later, I looked out the window and saw her waving. My first thought was “holy shit…she needs a date?” Turns out she was pretty hot…and it turns out that I had her phone number.

So I called back later and asked her out. Relationship lasted 7 years.

11. Straight out of the imagination.

In school, I drew a lot and would often draw randomly made up people.

Once, I doodled a pretty girl and the girl sitting next to me asked who she was.

I told her she wasn’t a specific person but she thought I was just too shy to say and kept pressing, as well as getting all of the other girls in our class involved.

And one of them said she knew her. Some girl who went to a nearby school.

So they asked me if that’s who it was and if I’d like them to get her to come meet up with me.

I said f**k it, yeah.

We met up that weekend and ended up going out for a few months.

So, I basically drew a girlfriend into existence.

10. Those good ol’ chat apps.

9GAG hat a chat app called „Cookies“ for a few months. It was basically Twitter for 9GAG and I only used it for a few days. When I posted something, I chatted with a guy for a bit and we found out that we were both from Germany.

We kept talking on Whatsapp but I had some family and mental health issues which is why we didn’t write with each other for over a year.

When I wrote him again apologising for my distant behaviour we started talking again. We’ve been dating for over 5 1/2 years now.

9. A haunted experience.

Met a girl while exploring a creepy abandoned insane asylum at 3am.

We were both there with separate groups, neither group was aware of the other group’s presence but we kept hearing one another moving around and scared half out of our minds because we each assumed the other was crazed hobos or criminals using the place as a hideout or something. Anyway our groups kept getting closer and closer to one another while trying to figure out how to get out.

I turned a corner, saw a face, and nearly brained this poor girl with the baseball bat I was carrying before I realized it was just a bunch of scared college kids same as us.

We had a good laugh about it, me and the girl hit it off, and ended up dating for a couple of years.

8. I really didn’t see that coming.

Friend was having a 17th birthday party and invited a tonne of people from various schools. My friend called me up to arrange transportation and for some reason put me on the phone with some other rando. Had a random conversation about nothing and got on with my day.Added him on ICQ (uhoh, yeah I am old) a few days before the party.

At the party when I met him face to face I insulted him, didn’t speak to him at all, and made out with another guy.

3 days later he rings me up and asks me out. Dated for about 6 months. I loved him so much, my first love really. It broke me when we broke up.

FFW 7 years, and we’re in MSN messenger time. He randomly contacts me one day, and we start hanging out as friends again.

We’re clearly in a relationship, but he wont call me his girlfriend or put a label on anything… a year and a half and we do everything together, he calls me his “missus” but not his girlfriend. Ok, weirdo.

We go for a drive as we were known to do one day, driving up the coast trying to beat a storm. He pulls over at one of my favourite lookouts, and we watch the storm go out to sea. He gets down on one knee, and asks me to marry him. I push him over onto his arse, but of course say yes.

Married for 12 years 🙂

7. Quite the saga.

My girlfriend and I moved in together after high school. She ended up working at a dental office as a dental assistant. There was a husband and wife that worked there, both of them dentists, who are from NY (we are in MA).

The dentist wife would often go back with the kids to visit family and he would stay behind. My girlfriend would often invite him out with us because she felt bad. It started getting weird and when I approached her about it she would get defensive and justify the whole situation. While I had no definitive proof I knew something was going on. The relationship ended up breaking down and we split.

I tried to warn the wife before going to boot camp but was unsuccessful in speaking with her. After boot camp I needed some dental work fixed and she offered to do the work. What she really wanted was to see if I knew anything. Apparently my ex played the role of newly single girl with no place to go. The wife felt bad and offered her a room in their home. She started catching on when the husband would come home, not even address their son or 1 year old daughter, and go straight to hanging out with my ex. Eventually the wife kicked her out against the husbands wishes. He eventually moved out as well.

Over the whole trauma the soon to be ex wife and I bonded. She was a single mom of two kids. Didn’t know how to fix a faucet or hang shelves in the closet so I would help her out here and there. Well…we have been together 20 years now, married for almost 15 of those years and have a 10 year old daughter. Our ex’s stayed together maybe for one year and it fizzled out.


My wife and I got together when our exes cheated on us with each other.

6. So…out of spite?

A guy (H) I knew kept teasing me and another guy friend (A) about getting together, even though we weren’t romantically interested. He would not stop joking about it and even told a bunch of our teachers that this guy and I were “dating”.

It got to a point where I was so fed up with it, I actually asked A out. I thought H would have been pretty delighted by seeing that we finally got together but he was so pissed we ruined his joke and that he cut us off.

A and I dated for about two-ish years and we’re still friends tho.

5. I’m not sure how I feel about this one…

There was phone number written on the back of a bus I was on when I was 14-15 and under it was written ” will suck d*%k for money.”

I was with a few mates and to be a little smart ass show off to my friends I called it and asked if she was for real. later that day I felt so bad for the girl I ended up texting her and apologising for being an a$$hole and she was grateful for my message and explained that it was her ex that put it there. Anyway, we got texting and I ended up dating her for 3 years. Nice girl.

4. A flu game miracle.

I was in the hospital for 11 or 12 days once and one of my attending doctors residents was super hot, sometimes she’d hang back to ask me questions and give me those little exams, or show up for whatever reason alone and I’d use those chances to try to chat her up.

It’s the hardest I’ve even locked in and tried to bring my A game with a woman lmao and I was nailing it, making her laugh and getting her to talk a lot, I was like Michael Jordan in the flu game

When I got discharged my doctor wanted to meet me in the lobby and she was there too for some reason, then my doctor took off and it’s just us and I’m like it’s now or never buddy so I just ask her out on a date and by some miracle she said yes

3. A matchmaking deer.

Hit a deer going about 45, knocked one of my headlights out. The car was drivable, but it was dark and foggy in the country. My crush was with me that evening, and after cursing the deer for a solid 10 minutes, I asked if it was okay if she stayed with me that night instead of me potentially wrecking driving her home.

She agreed. We got back to my dorm, and I had to use the restroom. I told her I’d fix the bed situation when I got out. I intended to pull the mattress cover off, and let her have the bed for the night while I used the floor.

Yeah, she didn’t think that. I came out of the bathroom to find her wrapped in my blankets. I asked where I should sleep and she said to just sleep next to her. We ended up cuddling all night and having a tasty campus breakfast date the next morning. We’re still together 2 years later.

2. Is it, though?

She threw up in my bed after taking a nap there without asking me on my new years party.

Hard to say no to that

1. Snacks are life.

It was an alien themed birthday party. I knew only the person who’s birthday it was. I’ve also got a neurological condition which means sometimes I need to take a time out. So I’m sitting in a beanbag leaning against a wall in a full alien morph suit.

My time out must have gone for a while, and people who arrived after me thought I was a decoration as I was motionless. This guy trips over my foot, so I moved it. He freaked, and then realised I was a person and came up to apologise. I just gave a thumbs up.

Anywhos time passes and I go to get snacks. I take the hood part off and the guy that tripped on me is just staring open mouthed.

He eventually comes up to say he first thought I was a decoration, then thought I was a dude. He then spent the rest of the night getting snacks for me.

Lasted a few months.

Good meeting stories are always auspicious starts to new things, don’t you think?

If you met your partner in a unique way, tell us the story down in the comments – you know you want to!