Woman’s Ultrasound Showed That She Had a Two-Year-Old Growth With Teeth and Hair

The human body is really something, don’t you think?

It constantly surprises us with its oddities and the video you’re about to see proves that in a major way.

A woman shared a video on TikTok where she outlined what happened when she went to visit the gynecologist because she was experiencing strange symptoms a couple of years after the birth of her son.

She had an ultrasound performed and was stunned by the surprising results. It turns out she had a dermoid cyst growing in her uterus that contained two-year-old teeth and hair. Wow!

Check out the video below.

@sandwitchbread The movie teeth irl. i can’t wait for surgery, Im gonna keep them in a wet specimen jar. #dermoidcyst #dermoidovariancyst #cyst #gyno #teeth ♬ original sound – page

This person said they were definitely NOT ready for that video.

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And another Reddit user agreed that they were a bit disturbed by the evidence.

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This individual made a good point. Guys, pay attention!

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And another TikTokker shared a similar story about something his mother went through.

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And a TikTok user show is an ultrasound technician said, “Ultrasound tech here. It’s actually not your son’s tissue, it’s yours! It’s been present since birth, it just grows very slowly. Crazy!!”

Good to know!

That’s pretty wild, don’t you think?

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