People Weigh In On Effective Ways To Get A Guy To Stop Hitting On You

I honestly hate that this topic of conversation is so necessary – and that there are so many different answers – because a simple “I’m not interested” should certainly suffice.

We still live in a world where it often isn’t, though I hope everyone raising boys today is teaching them that no means no and it’s not an invitation to “try harder.”


If you’re someone who is looking for better and more effective ways to be left alone in public, here are 19 innovative ways that people say actually work.

19. Priceless.

Once a man was trying hitting on me in a bus, I was feeling very bloated and gassy..and burped aloud right in his face, like a huge grandma burp..the look on his face was priceless, didn’t bother me again

18. And if it doesn’t work, maybe you want to reconsider?

Ask for money. Works 10/10.

17. A classic.

A guy was straight up hitting on my girlfriend when I was right there and he wouldn’t stop when she asked so I just started hitting on him. “Nice ass buddy!”, “Can I get you’re number and send you some lewd pics”.

He got super pissed and walked away.

16. Bonus points that it could be amusing.

There’s a user on tiktok who shares a method called “Baby Runs for President”, where you basically ask them very blunt questions with the just shy of rude honesty that a toddler uses.

You just keep asking stuff like “what do you do?” “what’s that?” “oh really? What’s that?” until the person gives up and leaves.

15. As weird as you want.

Get really weird, really, really fast. Weird them out so much that they think you’re a freak. Defo don’t do it in a sexual way.

A friend of mine once did this to a guy who sat at our table on a night out. She went right down in conspiracy theorys, asking him why his shoes think he’s orange, all sorts of really weird stuff, just to make him uncomfortable enough that he got up and left within a few minutes.

It was impressive, actually.

14. This is hilarious.

My favourite one is “are those YOUR shoes?!?”

It seems so dumb but it’s just genius

13. Just be a b*%ch.

“I have a boyfriend/married.” -“He’s not here.”

“I’m a lesbian.” -“Prove it, kiss this random girl in front me.”

”I’m not interested.” -“Playing hard to get?”

“I don’t believe in premarital sex.” -“A blow job is fine.”

Literally all lines I’ve tried, the only way I can say that somewhat works is to be a complete bitch, and even then some guys act like you’re flirting.

12. The delivery is everything.

I saw something like this in a bookstore. Clerk, looked to be in her early 20s, customer guy at least 50, wouldn’t stop hitting on her in the most gross, cringe way. Finally he mentioned having life experience and she asked, deadpan, “What was it like when the earth cooled?”

I had to walk away, I could not stop laughing. When I came back the man was gone. It didn’t hurt that the clerk looked a hell of a lot like Aubrey Plaza, because that sounded like something she would say.

11. Guys are so weird.

I’ve seen girls use the “do you have a tampon?” with her friend as a guy approached before.

Guy spun around faster than I thought possible.

10. It can be simple.

I overheard this conversation once;

Guy: Is this seat taken?

Girl: yes

Guy: but are you taken ?

Girl: taken to where ?

Guy: leaves

I think she was using that method.

9. Depends on the guy, probably.

Tell him you’re only interested in tall men with high paying jobs. You want to be a mom ASAP and don’t want to work.

Demand to see his DL first so you know where to send court documents for child support.

8. Works on all humans, actually.

Ask him to buy into your MLM scheme.

7. Don’t you think? *innocent face*

Tell the story of how your last boyfriend broke up with you, and how it was crazy of him to freak out just because you stored some of his semen in your fridge “just in case.”

6. Better than mace.

My sister learned this from a friend and started doing this as well. She carried a couple of issues of Watchtower in her purse and when the guys started hitting on her, got a very earnest look on her face, pulled them out and started saying “Have you been saved? Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior?”

It worked better than mace.

5. This person is a legend.

Speak in a foreign language like you don’t understand them. Thanks Dutch.

Describe the procedure for bull castration in vivid detail. Thanks Animal Science degree.

Edit: Didn’t expect this many responses. (Dankie vir die Silwer!) I speak both some Dutch and Afrikaans (spent some time in SA in college one summer) so it’s been helpful.

(On an additional note, an extra perk of the Animal Science degree is taking a class where I castrated a rat and kept the preserved teste, so I now have insurance for dick pics.)

4. Ideally.

Dinosaur noises.

Pterodactyl or Velociraptor ideally.

Of course if he’s a dinosaur nerd he will probably correct your vocalizations….

3. He will probably say no.

Ask if he’s ready to be a daddy to the unborn baby you carrying

Why thank you for all the likes. This unfortunately happened to me at an embarrassing age of 17 and I was awkward and unsure about being a teen parent and this was how I hid my insecurity.

My baby girl is almost 18 and I’m blessed for how she has changed me

2. You’d hope they would take the hint.

I loved what the woman said in the film double jeopardy, when a guy asked her out she said “yeah sure, I’ll just have to check with my parole officer because I murdered my husband”

1. Who has the time?

“I’ve got some court dates scheduled because their dads aren’t paying child support, so it’s hard to find time.”

Well, I think there are definitely some ideas here to keep in your back pocket. I know I’m going to!

Do you have a go-to rejection that works like a charm? If it’s missing from this list make sure to drop it in the comments!