Guy Asks if He’s Wrong for Calling Out a Co-Worker for the Way He Talked About His Own Wife

Call me crazy, but I don’t understand people who badmouth their loved ones to other people.

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AITA for calling out my co-worker for the way he spoke about his wife and calling him lazy and ungrateful?

“First things first, I, M34, married to my wife for 5 years and have a son, been working in this company for almost 3 years.

On lunch break we’d (mostly the dudes) gather around and start talking about all kinds of stuff, funny, sad, home issues, work issues…that kind of stuff.

there’s this guy “Brandon” who constantly complains about how slow his wife is to get tasks done, Last time we talked, he sat in the middle and loudly started complaining about his wife not ironing his shirt for him that morning – he went on about how lazy and irresponsible she has been. now keep in mind this woman is a sahm taking care of 3 kids all under schoolage as well as doing all the chores (he bragged about how he does nothing when he gets home and using the breadwinner card).

I saw that the other dudes are comforting him and telling him he should give her “an ultimatum” to step or gtfo. I was shocked, and upset because my wife and I have 1 kid and can barely keep up while splitting everythibg 50/50, WHILE working.

Brandon looked at me and asked what’s wrong, I sternly old him “Man wtf! are you serious? your wife takes care of 3 kids and you’re b&$#ing about some shirt not being ironed?” he was like “what? I gotta keep a professional look and need at least 5 clean, ironed shirts ready every week, and besides that she’s home 24/7 doing nothing” I replied ” taking care of 3 kids is sure as hell isn’t doing nothing but you’re just making excuses for being lazy and ungrateful”.

His face suddenly went pale then he got up and walked away. The other dudes lashed out at me asking the hell is wrong with me, said I hurt Brandon’s feelings and completely dismissed his massive sacrifices and crucial role in his family since he brings in the money.

I asked if they thought what he said about his wife was ok, they told me it was non of my business and I should’ve kept my opinion to myself. They later said Brandon is incredibly upset and is expecting an apology for humiliating him infront of everyone.


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