She Told Her Boyfriend He Ruined Their Date. Was She a Jerk?

It’s ruined and it’s your fault!

No one like to hear that…but we’ve all heard it before at some point.

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AITA for telling my boyfriend he ruined our date?

“I (F21) and my boyfriend (M23) of five years went to my favorite restaurant a few weeks ago.

The meal was great and we both really enjoyed ourselves. It was perfect, a completely perfect dinner. I paid the $60 check and we went out to the parking lot to the car. I live in a huge college town along with that Saturday night being a senior ball so the town was busy.

We get back to the car and the cars surrounding it was parked exactly the same as they were when we went in. There were cars to each side of his car along with a truck parallel parked behind him at least two car lengths away. In front of him was the wall of the restaurant and behind him was the roadway in the parking lot then the parallel parked truck at a distance to clarify.

He starts to back out of the space and after a few tries he says he can’t do it. I say instantly I can spot him so he can get out. He says no and that it won’t help him because the truck behind him wasn’t there when he pulled into the spot and he was scared of hitting it. (It was there when he pulled into the spot.)

He also added he doesn’t want others to see me spotting him like he can’t handle his vehicle. I say okay, I’ll go into the restaurant and find the owner of one of the car and ask if there was any way they would move so he could get out, didn’t want to but it was the only choice.

He says no and kinda flips his s**t (throwing his hat and sunglasses into the dash in frustration and also flooring it as if he’s going to hit the building then slamming on the break before he does so.) He calls his parents screaming about not being able to get out of the spot and even locked my door when I tried to get out of the vehicle to go get someone else to help/spot him.

Also when he is on the phone the owner of one of the neighboring cars comes outside. I try to tell him that we talk to her but he ignored me and kept complaining to his parents how there was no way we were getting out of the spot. The owner of the neighboring car gets in another car and leaves while my boyfriend gets off the phone and says: “guess we’re stuck.”

The screaming and me begging him to just let me spot him continues for 20 minutes and he makes a few jabs that I don’t have a license so I wouldn’t understand how he feels. At that point I was really upset and in tears. I had just taken him out to dinner and spent a pretty good amount of money for him to show his a**? Finally he lets me out of the car to spot him and within 2 minutes we are out of the spot.

Later that night I told him that he ruined the night and the dinner I paid for for absolutely no reason. I also added that he always has to find away to destroy any date or thing in general I want to do just because it’s not something he picks. He said that what happened was my fault because I should’ve have not spoken to him because it made him more frustrated when he was trying to find a “solution to the problem.”

AITA here?”

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