They Told Their Mom Not to Pay For Their Sister’s Wedding Because They’re Not Invited. Are They Wrong?

Family drama seems to really ramp up whenever there is a wedding involved and this story is no exception!

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AITA for asking my mom not to pay for my sister’s wedding which I’m excluded from?

“Growing up I was very close to my mom and two sisters and then I met my wife and we began having issues. My mom and my wife clashed but they’ve moved past it.

My mom is now civil with my wife and just keeps a lot of distance because that’s how she prefers it. My mom has admitted it’s just her personality type and not really anything she did. I have an ok relationship with my mom and see her maybe once every other month for lunch. Beyond that no real interaction and she doesn’t know my kids well. She comes to our house for the occasional big event and I’d say my mom and wife are cool with each other.

My mom was never the overbearing type or the woman who made her life all about her kids, so she’s handled it ok but my sisters are devastated and super jealous. They are very upset with my wife and feel she destroyed the family just because my mom decided on her own she doesn’t want much to do with me.

My youngest sister is getting married and wanted me to walk her down the aisle but didn’t want my wife in any family pictures. I’m not talking about doing some with just family and some with in laws. She didn’t want her in any so i declined to walk her down the aisle and she uninvited me.

My mom asked her to reconsider and she said no. My issue is my mom is paying for it and I feel it’s wrong that she’s paying for something which excludes one of her kids and is so hurtful. I told my mom she needs to rescind her offer to pay if she actually cares about me.

My mom told me to f**k myself, like that’s literally what she told me. Now no one is talking and I told my mom I won’t be meeting her for lunch anymore if she pays.”

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