Should Women Expect Their Partners To Buy Sanitary Products If They’re On The List?

I think that, the majority of the time, women are fine with picking up their own sanitary products at the store. We know what we like, they’re easy for us to find and grab when we’re doing the shopping for the family or running in for a few last-minute dinner items.

That said, there are times when our partners are going to be the ones stopping and we’re out, so we would expect them to get everything on the list, even feminine products…right?

This woman thought so, because when she and her husband split up for errands, she made sure he had all of the information he needed to get the correct box of products for their 13yo daughter.

My husband (48M) and I (38F) were at the shopping mall to do some errands. We had to pick up some dry cleaning and tailored items, as well as do some grocery shopping. Problem is, they are both at opposite ends of the shopping centre.

Instead of wasting time and doing it together, we both decided to split up, and after I had collected the dry cleaning and put it in the car, I would go to the grocery store and finish up the shopping with him.

I collect the clothes, put them in the car and walk to the grocery store. And guess who walks out the exact moment I get to the entrance…my husband. He tells me that he finished in record time, and that he doesn’t get what takes me so long when I normally do the shopping (I am a SAHM who usually does the weekly shop).

I ask him if he got everything on the list I sent him. He said yes.

He was proud of himself for finishing the shopping in “record time,” but when they arrived home, OP discovered the pads for their daughter were not among the items.

He said that he didn’t want to get the wrong ones and also buying those things are “not his job.”

We get home and I find out that he didn’t get the pads for our daughter (13F) and I. I asked him if he forgot and he just told me that buying sanitary products wasn’t his job and that there were so many options and he doesn’t know.

This got me angry because I literally gave him the link to the specific one in the list, as well as a picture and he still couldn’t get it.

The two of them got into an argument that resulted in her calling him useless and him calling her an a$$hole for not assuming the responsibility for buying all of the feminine products for the household.

I asked him why he was weaponising his incompetence and he just left the room after telling me to stop using buzzwords and take some accountability. I yelled back at him that he was a useless husband who can’t do a simple shop.

He thinks I am an AH for not being responsible for my daughter and I’s products and for calling him useless.


Who is wrong? Who is right? Reddit has some thoughts, so check them out below!

The top comment points out that the husband was doing the bare minimum shop, even without considering the missing pads.

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This person puts the blame squarely on the husband, even considering the name-calling.

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His daughter is going to learn that she can’t count on her dad, and that’s rough.

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Also he totally lied to her face and caused her more work, which is just unacceptable.

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If you’re a guy thinking you might be on his side, consider this.

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I honestly do not understand the mindset of men who cannot pick these things up for the women in their lives. They are necessary items like everything else.

Do better, dudes!