Is It Wrong To Break A Family Naming Tradition?

For most people, the process of naming a baby is one that they take super seriously. It can take months to come to an agreement with your partner – and some people are still struggling after the baby comes out.

Many families have naming traditions when it comes to firstborns or naming children after relatives who have passed, but what happens when you can’t find a name you like that follows those rules?

OP and her husband are expecting their first son, and his family has a tradition of naming oldest boys with the same initials.

My husband’s family has a tradition where all the men have the initials GMB. It dates back to his great-grandpa, but because he has so many women in his family, only 6 men have had to partake in his tradition. (Great-gpa, gpa, great-uncle, dad, husband, and his brother). But his dad is so into it, he got these initials tattooed on his shoulder (his only tattoo in a “tattoos-are-taboo” religious family).

That said, my husband doesn’t even go by his G-first name, he goes by his M-middle name. His mom told us that she doesn’t even love her boys’ first names (?!?!) but felt guilted by the grandparents.

The issue is that OP and her husband don’t love any of the first names that would make this tradition feasible.

As expected, we are pregnant with a baby boy. None of the names we love start with G, and I do not want to choose a G name just for the sake of him having these initials. In my opinion, he’ll already have the family last name that he’ll pass down!

My husband agrees.

OP is wondering if they’re wrong to break the tradition, but if they go ahead and do just that, how they should break the news to the family?

Will we be assholes for being the first to break the tradition? How do we go about breaking the news? Wait until birth or once we decide his name?

Reddit, of course, has some ideas.

The top comment doesn’t think OP is wrong, and has some advice on when and how to share their baby’s name.

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This person agrees that waiting would be best – telling early just gives people time to think they can change your mind.

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Finger’s crossed that the spouse is actually on board.

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Just be vague and hope for the best.

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This person reminds OP that traditions are not laws.

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Y’all, I honestly don’t know if I would have the guts to go against this (and I question whether there’s really not a single G name that would do), but good for her.

You do you, girl.

Do you feel differently? Would you follow the tradition? Let us know why or why not in the comments!