What’s Not Attractive as People Think? Here’s What People Said.

I think I must be getting old because when I see how a lot of younger folks dress these days, all I can say to myself is, “those people look ridiculous!”

But I guess our parents said that about us, too, right?

But let’s get to the question at hand: what’s not as attractive as people think?

Here’s what people had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. Weird.

“When guys take pictures of themselves doing that furrowing the brow, biting the lip, rubbing the hands together thing.

What is that? Who told them that looks good?”

2. Not cool.

“Pointing out someone else’s flaws to show how much better they are.

Doesn’t make them better; just makes them a judgmental a**hole.”

3. Quit playing games.

“Playing hard to get.

I’m all for putting in effort, but stop giving me signals of not being interested, while you actually are.

I’m here to build a relationship, not solve some nonsensical puzzle.”

4. Be yourself.


Acting like you’re hard to get, that you’re interested, acting like there’s a hierarchy.

Acting like there are protocols to going on a date, what needs to be said, where to go, etc..

Just be yourself and be honest.”

5. Lame.

“Calling yourself “brutally honest” when really you’re just a jerk.

They are also the most sensitive to the slightest criticism.”

6. Gross.

“Being super rude and bossy. No, it’s not cute or hot.

I’ve met so many people who think that it makes them look assertive and dominant but in reality, they look like huge jerk.”

7. Pretty gross.

“Flaunting wealth. That only works if you’re not flaunting, but it just shows.

Like if you pull up in a nice car. There’s no way you couldn’t have pulled up in a nice car. Therefor acceptable and conveys the point.

Don’t interject your car into a conversation where it doesn’t belong though. Nobody cares.”

8. Who would want that life?

“I used to know an extremely popular YouTuber in real life who did make up tutorials. She had over a million subs.

Online she was gorgeous, happy, bubbly and beloved. Women wanted to be her. Men wanted to be with her.

Offline she was catastrophically depressed, alone, never left her house, and never got out of her pyjamas.

Her socials were literally all she had and it was 100% acting.”

9. It never ends…


This. Went on a date with a girl who said she was an “Instagram influencer.” She had 2k followers.

I asked her if she had actual employment, she said “working is for ordinary people.””

10. Looks so odd.

“Giant, obviously fake lips.

Just accentuate what you’ve got, instead of always looking like you are having an allergic reaction to a bee sting.”

11. Not a fan.

“Super-big muscles.

I’m very into muscular men, but once you cross the border between “likes to lift” and “has a dealer”, it gets ridiculous.”

12. It’s not attractive.

“Bragging about how many times you’ve had s**.

9/10 times it makes you sound desperate and pretty sad. There was this one guy in my college class who never went a day without telling people about a girl he got with one time or how good he was at s**.

It made girls visibly uncomfortable and it just annoyed the hell out of the guys. No. One. Gives. A. S**t.”

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