12 People Talk About Celebrities They’ve Lost All Respect For

Back in the day before social media, you could be a celebrity and get away with just about anything.

As long as you didn’t get arrested or end up on the front page of the newspaper, chances are your private life would remain a mystery to the general public.

But not anymore!

Today’s celebs need to watch their step…or else…

Which brings us to today’s question: what celebrity have you lost all respect for?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Guitar god.

“Eric Clapton, he’s responsible for “rock against r**ism” (in the sense that he is the r**ism they were rocking against, not that he organized it), he refused to play any venues that required masks/vaccines.

And he recently sued a German senior citizen for selling a bootleg Clapton album that belonged to her deceased husband (he’d purchased it from a German department store). She had it listed for like $12.”

2. Creepy.

“Allison Mack from Smallville.

She was a leader in a cult that exploited women and made them s** slaves.

Currently in prison.”

3. This guy…

“Chris Brown.

The whole “he hit Rihanna” thing was downplayed in the media. Read the actual police report and you’ll see that he tormented and even attempted to k**l her.

And this man is still walking and making music and garnering fans. Really does make me sick.”

4. What?!?!

“Danny Masterson.

Thought he was cool but later found out he is a higher up in Scientology and got away with r**ing the wife of Cedric Bixler-Zavala (singer of The Mars Volta) and poisoned 2 of his dogs.”

5. Weird.

“Elisabeth Moss.

How do you play the main character in a show like The Handmaid’s Tale, yet practice Scientology in your personal life?

I don’t get it.”

6. A big one.


She did a special once on the Holocaust but made it all about her. It was very distasteful. We watched it back in high school, and even the teacher turned it off.

To be fair, I had never watched her or her show before, but that experience soured her for me.”

7. Controversial.

“Anyone that worked with Roman Polanski after he r**ed a 13 year old.

Still went on to win Oscars etc and actors, writers and producers all still totally fine with supporting someone like that.”

8. Madonna.

Madonna, ever since I found out she dumped her three chihuahuas at a dodgy k**l shelter and one of them d**d after having its face mauled while the other two were basically starving by the time they were rescued.

She was literally Madonna, she could have found them a good home. Or you know, literally hired someone just to care for them.”

9. Always seems to be in trouble.

“Andy Dick.

Hollywood in general is full of disgusting people, but he seems to take the cake for being an abysmally disgusting and horrendous person.”

10. I’ve heard many stories…

“Jared Leto.

I saw his band play at a medium sized venue. After the show, there was a huge crowd of kids waiting to meet them.

Leto walked out, smashed a can of whatever he was drinking on the ground, laughed like a maniac for a minute, then went inside the van.”

11. Hmmm…

“Chad Michael Murray

I waited in line for a Nintendo Wii the day they came out. It was outside of a Best Buy. Some people camped out. I got there before sunrise, but not crazy early. It was a fun environment. Once the staff got there, they told everyone how the sale would work, got everyone excited, and I think handed out some stuff.

About 20 minutes before the store opened, Chad Michael Murray pulled up in a black SUV, right to the front of the line. Like, literally parked his car in the fire lane right at the front of the line, and got out. It was summer and he was wearing a leather jacket. He was clearly expecting people to be excited to see him. I was close enough to the front to hear him.

He went up to the employee who was coordinating everything, and said he was here for his Nintendo. The guy was nice, and basically said what he would to anyone – great! You’re in the right place. Get in line.

CMM says that he was told there would be one saved for him. The guy didn’t know what he was talking about. After a little back and forth and another employee getting involved, he walks away with his Nintendo. He clearly thought everyone would cheer for him as he walked away. But, they ran out of Nintendos that day. Some kid went home empty handed. I still get furious thinking about it.”

12. That’s your reason?

“O.J. Simpson

He was so clearly phoning in his performance in The Naked Gun 33 1/3, and didn’t do Nordberg justice.

I was so put off that I completely stopped following his career after that.”

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