14 People Share What They Think Will Be Humanity’s Downfall

There could really be an endless number of answers this question, both tongue-in-cheek and serious, and honestly, any number of them could end up being the thing that does us in, right?

These 14 people think they’ve put their finger on the winner (or loser), though, so let’s read through and see what we think!

14. A nasty bug.

It’s all politically hot to answer “humanity,” but if we’re being honest here, viruses or bacteria are probably going to end human civilization as we know it at some point. There are already two known bacterial strains that resist every single antibiotic we have. And they evolve hundreds of thousands of times faster than we do. You don’t have to be smart if you exist in the quadrillions and you’re trying out a billion kill strategies an hour.

Eventually one of them will pop up with a mutation that makes it 100 times more infectious than Sars-Cov-2, 100 times more lethal, and has a long incubation period so we don’t even know to protect ourselves until 99% of us are already infected. Maybe not this year or next. Maybe not in our lifetimes. But an indescribably nasty bug is going to appear, and it will kill most of us.

13. Maybe a paradox.

Too many people Not enough humans.

Quite a paradoxical thought since denying other people’s humanity is itself inhumane.

12. It’s already happening.

Supply chain breakdowns on a never-before seen scale due to climate change resulting in societal collapses. Sure, nations used to produce everything themselves, but it’s not like that capability can just be turned back on as soon as it’s lost, and in the middle of catastrophe.

Humanity will survive, but how many of us and in what form leaves room for terrifying possibilities.

11. Consumer culture.

Consumer culture

Needless consumption destroys the environment. Collectively we need to take a more measured approach to this based on needs, not wants.

The real focus needs to be on the corporations that have willfully bred this mindset of consumption, using “personal responsibility” as their shield for any fallout cause by their massively polluting and damaging operations.

10. Didn’t he die though?

Apathy and/or greed. If I hear another person say “I’m the main character” I might have to go full on Ned Stark up in this b*%ch.

9. Every last one of them.

Politicians. Greedy, corrupt bastards!

8. Lack of community.

Social media and/or the internet. We are not physiological built to have networks of more than 150 people according to Dunbar’s anthropological #.

Our lack of true community connection and empathy is a threat to us all.

7. It’s coming for us.

Climate change.

There Is a glacier in Antarctica name “the doomsday glacier”. Its about the size of Florida! Experts say that if the glacier melts, the water will rise up about 37cm. In my country, there were floods due to monsoon season. The drains were clogged with trash and the water couldn’t go in.

The government didn’t wanna deal with it! We pay them to do it but they never do!

6. Social media.

Social media has fueled so much negativity in the world. On one hand it makes people have this distorted view of social connection to others in the world, slowly degrading our view of ourselves in our surroundings. On the other hand it gives capitalism so much information and data on the average human to the point where large businesses/politics can play the human psyche for maximum profits leading to disgustingly greedy business practices.

The worst part is that as understood as it is that the internet is at least somewhat detrimental to us at this point but humanity has gone so far down the internet hole to expect any of us to just quit it and live life without it.

5. Nothing much has changed.

Humanity. We will be our ultimate downfall.

Back in the 1970s Jacques Cousteau said that we were a troop of monkeys flying through space shitting in our life support.

In the 40 odd years since we have not changed.

4. A lack of common ground.

Our increasing inability to find common ground among each other.

3. Literally anything.


People are willing to do anything for money regardless of the consequences.

2. Not all of us, but.

Ourselves. We like to kill each other.

1. Just one thing really.

Two things:

How dense the population is;
How dense the population is.

I mean, most of these are possible. I’m going with near-earth asteroid, myself.

What do you think is going to toss humanity into the garbage can for good? Drop your best idea in the comments!