14 Of The Best Literal Responses To Photoshopping Requests Online

We’ve all looked at a picture we have and wished we could tweak it a little after the fact. Maybe a slip is showing, maybe we don’t like our shoes or our hair, maybe we’ve had a falling out or a breakup with someone else in the image…

Thanks to Photoshop and people who are experts at it, many of those things can be easily fixed – but thanks to Photoshop masters like James Fridman, we all should have also learned to be careful what we ask for.

He takes those requests and responds completely literally, and when we get results like these 14, there’s really nothing to do but laugh.

14. That’s scary alright.

He’s determined to send us all away screaming.

13. I keep staring at the first picture trying to figure it out.

The way he changed it is the only way that makes sense.

12. They should have gone with the original.

And honestly, they should have known better than to ask.

11. I think he should stick with the red tie.

For professional purposes, I mean.

10. Now she’s a winter person.

The lighting in the first one was really nice, right?

9. This made me laugh so hard.

Just a little glimpse into her future.

8. Take a really close look.

Because he didn’t just fix the numbers…

7. Well, he got what he asked for, right?

His teeth definitely look whiter on the right!

6. OK but this is really amazing work.

I could never make that work in a million years.

5. That definitely did the trick.

I mean, I’m afraid of him now.

4. The focus can only be in one spot.

Surprised you didn’t know that.

3. I am so disturbed by this one.

I can never unsee that second image, James.

2. Nope, still looks weird.

There’s no fixing that one, son.

1. He evened it right up there.

Oddly, it does look more normal now, I think.

Y’all, not only is he good at Photoshop, he’s a dang comedian, too.

What are your favorite literal Photoshops? If they’re not here, drop them in the comments so we can keep laughing!