Every English-speaking country has its own accent—especially on certain words. Americans surely have their own way of saying things; there’s variety even within the different states of the union. But did you know that, to those other countries, our accent is a bit of a joke? Which is maddening, actually. Because who can really claim ownership over a word? The dictionary often gives the same word multiple pronunciations…

Just saying.

Anyway, here is a list containing said words (no pun intended). And some of these might make you squirm.

10. Leisure

9. J.K. Rowling

8. The “Down Under”

7. Big Data

6. The Letter “Z”

5. Ree-Anna or Ree-ahna?

4. Nadine

3. Glastonbury

2. Coffee? Um…

1. Margarine or Mar-Ja-REEN?

It’s funny how dialect is discriminatory. I mean, does it really matter how words are pronounced if they are understood? Right, England?