Adorable Families Are Gathering to Take Pictures of 4 Generations, All Together

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/hootersbutwithcats

Have you ever stopped to look at your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents? If you are lucky enough to have all generations still living, I suggest taking a photo! If not, root around your old pictures and take a peek.

Can you see how you resemble each generation? Maybe it’s in the eyes, the lips, or even the nose. But no matter what, you’ll see a little of yourself in them – cause the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

These families are truly the apple tree and roots! Take a look:

5. Beautiful ladies!

Four generations, 1 picture. from pics

These gals have the same cheeks, I swear! While each generation has its own look, you can see how grandma (right) passed down her nose. Mom (third from left) “gave” her eyes. And the little one got her mom’s smile.

4. They share one mind

Four generations of men named Max. from pics

These Maxs definitely have similarities in the nose, but we’ll take this one a step further – they have passed down their smarts. RansesThePigeon states:

My great-grandfather, Max, was an inventor and an engineer who came over from Switzerland…He made it his mission to augment the laws of thermodynamics..

My grandfather, Max, is also an inventor and an engineer. He started his company in his garage, where he developed a number of industrial technologies and processes that are used around the world today.

Now, my father (Max) took a slightly different path in life. Rather than becoming an inventor and an engineer, he became… okay, I’m lying, he’s actually both of those.

Then there’s me. Hi, I’m Max….When I was about eight years old, I tried to create a lightsaber out of some old electronics that were lying around the house. At age ten, I made a taser out of a disposable camera and some wire. At age twelve or so, I tried to create a directed energy weapon out of an ion hairdryer, a device for discharging static on records, and a makeshift linear accelerator.”

3. 20, 48, 85, and 103

Four generations in one picture. Aged 20, 48, 85, and 103. from interestingasfuck

103? You’ve got to be kidding? There are some good genes in this family.

2. The Four Generation Challenge

Families in China are taking part in the ‘Four Generation’ challenge from BetterEveryLoop

This is just awesome. In this four-generation challenge, you can see several families showing off their similarites and ages! The best part is how they each introduce their next of kin in order.

1. Nesting Pictures

Four Generations in One Photo. from pics

Super creative! And what a way to display family history. Even though planning and scheduling a photo opt took time, not to mention matching outfits, but the result was worth it!