11 Amazing Tattoo Makeovers You Have To See To Believe

If you’ve never gotten a tattoo that you later regretted, well, good for you for staying sober all the way through college.

For the rest of us, we hate to inform you that questionable choices and even more questionable tattoo parlors (and questionable relationships) have led us to the point where we need to have something fixed.

Made over, if you will.

And these 11 transformations are honestly better than anyone could hope for.

11. Definitely better now.

The detail is fantastic.

10. What was that even supposed to be the first time?

Aside from Tinkerbell, I can’t tell.

9. Wow.

I never would have guessed what it was before.

8. It’s just enhanced so much.

Like it was always supposed to look that way.

7. If they were going for creepy and dark…

They’ve got there now.

6. It’s like night and day.

Almost literally, with the color.


4. How totally clever.

She found the right person for that job.

3. I love these line drawings.

They’re amazingly cool.

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2. This one, the first wasn’t terrible.

It’s just a whole different vibe.

1. I obviously need this tattoo now.

It’s the best of the bunch, imho.

If I ever am in need, I hope I run into a tattoo artist as talented as these.


Have you ever needed a tattoo transformed or covered up? Tell us the whole story in the comments!