11 Behind-The-Scenes ‘Harry Potter’ Facts That You Might Not Have Known

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Harry Potter fans know the film actors were absolutely perfect for their roles in every way. But in case you needed proof so you could sleep better, we found it. Here are 11 facts that will leave you with zero doubt.

1. James and Oliver Phelps played pranks on set.

So Weasley twins of them. They played a particularly wicked prank on one of Grint’s stunt doubles.

2. Rupert Grint once doodled an unflattering portrait of Alan Rickman until he realized Rickman was standing right behind him.

Rickman thought it was funny and kept the drawing, but isn’t that just like something that would happen to Ron Weasley in Professor Snape’s class?

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3. Alan Rickman pranked Daniel Radcliffe with a remote controlled fart machine in a scene where Radcliffe was lying in a sleeping bag close to his crush.

So, no Professor Snape wasn’t as lighthearted, but we reckon he liked to see Harry embarrassed.

4. Maggie Smith was a badass like her character McGonagall.

She worked tirelessly on filming, even though she was being treated for cancer during the sixth one.

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5. Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe both had crushes on Emma Watson.

I mean, didn’t you when you were a kid?

Smart and sassy is attractive!

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6. Young Emma Watson was too shy to hug Rupert Grint after she had to hug Daniel Radcliffe in a scene in the Great Hall.

So… she didn’t!

Director Chris Columbus couldn’t get the long hugs he wanted between her and the two boys, so he settled for a quick hug with Harry and an awkward handshake with Ron.

Throughout the films, Hermione and Harry were ever only friends, but she and Ron had a long simmering attraction to each other.

Makes perfect sense she was too caught up in her shyness to touch him.

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7. Alan Rickman stole stuff from the set all the time.

Jason Isaacs who played Lucius Malfoy wasn’t so successful and got embarrassed when he tried to take a newspaper.

Seems Alan Rickman was a sneak just like Snape.

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8. Daniel Radcliffe noticed Richard Harris, who was playing Dumbledore, having trouble with his lines so he pretended he was the one who needed help and asked Harris to run over the script with him.

Radcliffe had the same helpful, polite manners as Harry.

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9. Rupert Grint rapped for his audition for the part of Ron Weasley.

Ron would’ve approved.

10. Alan Rickman found out that a child with cancer was on the set to watch filming and really wanted to be in the scene but was turned down. Rickman went full-on Snape about it.

He demanded the child be brought to him and even had him in the scene.

Unfortunately, the little cameo didn’t make it to the final version.

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11. Another Alan Rickman fact is he knew Snape loved Lily and he argued with the film directors about how he should portray his character.

Kind of like how he argued with Dumbledore about his role at Hogwarts.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

It’s as if the actors were born to play their Harry Potter characters. Life is truly imitating art here resulting in another layer of story-telling for this fantastic series.

Okay, those are the Harry Potter facts we’ve got. What do you know?

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