8 Facts About ‘Harry Potter’ Cast That Show How Perfect They Were for the Part

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Can we imagine Harry Potter being played by anyone but Daniel Radcliffe? Or Hermione played by someone not Emma Watson?

These parts were perfectly cast and we have 8 little known facts that prove it.

1. Evanna Lynch made Luna’s dirigible plum earrings.

She made the pair exactly how the books described at home and wore them to her audition.

The filmmakers loved the earrings so much, she got to wear them as part of her costume.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

2. Tom Felton sneaked so much food onto the set that someone eventually sewed his pockets shut.

Being a sneaky-snake himself, Malfoy would approve.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

3. When the director of Prisoner of Azkaban, Alfonso Cuarón, asked the three main actors to write essays on their characters, Rupert Grint didn’t turn one in.

He said Ron wouldn’t have done it. Daniel Radcliffe turned in one well-done page on Harry.

Emma Watson wrote 16-pages.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

4. Tom Felton lied about having read the books.

He’d eavesdropped on another boy’s conversation at the audition and made something up about how he thought Gringotts “were awesome.”

The director must have realized he had the perfect Malfoy standing (and bald-faced lying) in front of him.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

5. Rupert Grint really is afraid of spiders.

Just like Ron was!

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

6. Gary Oldman, who played Sirius Black, gave Daniel Radcliffe a guitar as a gift.

In the films, Sirius gave Harry a Firebolt as a gift.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

7. Emma Watson is as smart as her character Hermione.

She attended Brown University while filming.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

8. And because of her studies, she had multiple body doubles.

She can’t really be in three places at once.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

After knowing these behind-the-scenes facts, you can’t imagine anyone else playing these parts. The actors were just too perfect for them. It’s almost magical.

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