13 Funny Reasons Why Kids Didn’t Want Their Food

Kids. You can’t live with them and you CERTAINLY can’t live without them. It’s the law!

Well, until they’re like 18 or something. And even then they might stick around.

So… can we be honest. Kids are more spoiled today than they’ve ever been, and these Instagram posts prove it. Because there’s NO way my kid (who doesn’t exist) would ever be able to act like this.

But hey, let’s judge these parents! That’s fun!

1. Like, seriously, just untwist them.

It’s not even that hard.


2. OK, we can see how this would be confusing.

Totally makes sense.


3. Eggs must be uniform.

From now on. Get to work chickens!


4. She’s got a point.

I mean, just look at that devious smirk.


5. Million-dollar idea right here.

Spicy grapes!


6. Look, Ma, it just tastes better this way OK?

I’m not surprised you don’t understand.


7. You’re an animal!

Who puts lotion on carrots?!


8. We can see the resemblance.

It’s uncanny now that you mention it.


9. This makes perfect sense.

I wouldn’t want to eat kitty cats, either, Mom.


10. Get this kid some LSAT prep books, baby!

We’ve got some serious logic going on here.


11. Hmm. Who’s gonna tell her?

Not me!


12. This kid might be onto something.

Christmas, upgraded!


13. Circles = far superior to squares.

Everyone knows that, Dad.


Okay, I actually feel a little bit bad about judging those parents. Because how you can deal with these small little people who are so unreasonably dumb?

People say kids are just highly creative? No, they’re not. They’re ignorant and quite stupid.

Get a job, kids! And buy your own food!

What do you think? Should kids have to get jobs when they’re 5 and buy their own food? Let us know in the comments!