These 12 Wordsmiths Lit People up With Fierce Comebacks

You know, it’s not often you get to witness somebody say something so stupid online and then see one of the wittiest comebacks ever… but here we are.

These 12 expert wordsmiths out there saw their moment and took their shot.

So here are 12 of the best comebacks of all time. Enjoy!

1. This gives new meaning to “I researched it.”

Just wow. We are in awe.

For people that ‘research’ stuff on youtube
byu/Willuknight inMurderedByWords

2. You just can’t win.

Seriously, chill out.

Ain’t no right way
by inMurderedByWords

3. She got schooled.

Pun intended.

Taken to school.
byu/ddevlin inMurderedByWords

4. Aunt Peggy for the win.

We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy.

Pour one out for Aunt Peggy
by intrashy

5. Like looking in a mirror.

Oh boy, that’s embarrassing.

Ironic that this happened on this sub
byu/Bennybtw inMurderedByWords

6. She’s not just about fast food, ladies and gentlemen.

Who uses that as an insult anyway?

Wendy’s is at it again
byu/albinomemez inMurderedByWords

7. Shot down.

Nope, not gonna happen dude.


8. Don’t mess with the people who have the police records.

This is just an A+ comeback. Wow.

Guy isn’t exactly wrong about the city, but the city wasn’t havin’ it
byu/Flipflops365 inMurderedByWords

9. Please, just sit down now.

This is just too, too good.

Now sit your ass down, Stefan.
byu/Suprovation inMurderedByWords

10. That’s gonna leave a mark.

Parents with the last word!

Holy hell! Call the morgue
byu/Cracked_and_breaking inMurderedByWords

11. Funny how that works.

And that’s what we call a perfect shut-down, everybody.

Murdered nice mask wearing
byu/ZombiAcademy inMurderedByWords

12. True perfection.

There has never been a more perfect burn, ever.

Imagine that
byu/catladyloz inMurderedByWords

What’s your favorite burn of all time? Or are there comebacks you wish you’d thought of during the middle of an argument? We’d love to hear from you!

Let us know in the comments!