11 Blind Date Stories That Might Not Be What You’re Expecting

Blind dates get a bad rap, but in this day and age, I don’t see why. Online dating isn’t much different, except you’ve at least seen the person (allegedly) before agreeing to the date.

These 11 people happily went on a blind date, and they’re here to tell you exactly how it went.

11. I mean, never is a long time.

Even though that’s quite the first experience.

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10. Did they think he wouldn’t notice?

I mean…get it, girl.

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9. That’s definitely not the right foot.

Then again, things had to get better from there.

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8. At least that was a dealbreaker.

Otherwise it could have been a different sort of awkward.

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7. It’s what’s on your mind.

Not great date talk, though.

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6. What a good boy.

People sometimes do surprise you.

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5. It’s like a movie!

One of the good romantic ones.

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4. When they’re absolutely waving a red flag.

Run fast in the opposite direction.

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3. It could have been worse.

He could have been on a date with someone who left him to deal with it alone.

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2. Even if you didn’t love it…

Who says that??

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1. What is the matter with people?

Seriously, I want to know.

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See, some of these defied your expectations, right?

Have you had a successful blind date? A really terrible one? Tell us about it in the comments!

Thanks fam!