11 Comics About Life That Are Funny, Because They’re True

Image Credit: Instagram

Art in general, and comic strips specifically, are at their very best when they’re putting life – or some subset of it – under a microscope. Artists see our world through a specific, beautiful lens, and the artist behind Sabencomics is no different.

Her drawings are about life, and the experiences that connect us all as women, and as human beings. In short, they might be just what the world needs right now.

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11. If he’s not looking at his phone, it’s a win.

Dating these days!


10. You know what? Someday those things will meet in the middle.

And everyone will be happy.


9. “I’m fine” is almost never the truth.


8. It happens to the best of us.

And it’s kind of cute, right?


7. I fail to see the problem.

She even has a cat!


6. You should know not to challenge Mother Nature like that!

She’s a fickle bi*ch!


5. Such a b*tch!

Just go away, purple blob! No one likes you!


4. How do girls in the movies do it?

Oh, right. Hair and makeup and lighting.


3. If only it were that easy!

Let me know that guy’s address if you find it.


2. You mean it’s possible for this NOT to be your mood?

I mean, I guess it is some days.


1. Ah, nostalgia!

Kids are so stinking weird, right?


That was exactly the chuckle I needed today.

It’s just nice to be reminded once in awhile that we’re not alone, don’t you think?

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